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Isla Del Sol Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"This one is my favorite"
This one is my favorite! I ve been a repeat buyer for the last few years.
in February 24, 2015
"Perfect Smoke"
Pretty good cigars. I brought a box to Europe and my friends liked the cigars.
SSM in August 16, 2014
"Pleasant suprise"
Nice morning smoke...Mild with a creamy smoke...Coffee Infusion is not over done...Something I like about this stick, it does not have a sweetened cap....
Rich in Northport NY August 7, 2014
"Nice Mellow Coffee Flavor"
These are just a nice cigar. Nice flavor could be a little stronger flavor. But a very enjoyable smoke. I compare this to Tatiana Mochas. The draw and burn is a little better. But I prefer the stronger flavor of the Tatiana's.
Dell in Virginia June 12, 2014
"Sickening Sweet"
Nice looking cigar, lit drew well. Immediate taste is like a mouthfull of artificial sweetener. Kept waiting for it to tone down, never did, had to put this one down. Returned the box to Famous got to pay for the return shipping, so much for customer service. Would have been nice if the product description included the intense sweetness comment. Think twice about trying something new, it can turnout to be a time %26 money hassle.
S. T. in St. Pete, Florida June 11, 2014
"Incredible Quality for the Price"
A truly pleasurable smoke. Mild, but with a distinctive flavor and aroma that is sweet and satisfying from beginning to end. And for the price, the construction and draw could not be better. Will always keep these around now as a favorite.
Lars in Los Angeles March 25, 2014
"Budget Un-Nubbable Yet Satisfying"
Mild Strength, mild/medium body. Flavor: mild pepper, rose water, light-roasted coffee, cardamom. Sweetened tip. Highs: builds to satisfying nub flavor profile; consistent burn. Lows: excessively soft/spongy mixed-filler/cuban sandwich short filler wrapped in long filler disintegrates at nub. Pair With: gold or lighter rum; rye whisky; drier scotch/cognac/dessert wines; light-roasted coffee. Conclusion: Flavor develops nicely and consistent burn, especially for budget cigar but temper expectations about nubbing and ?feel? of last 1/3. Infusion, sweetened tip, mixed-filler not for everyone.
Tom in Los Angeles March 3, 2014
"Believe The Reviews - A Great Cigar!!"
Yes indeed, you have found my new favorite cigar as well! These flavored cigars are fantastic with a nice drink on the back deck. Well built, nice draw, although they get a bit "hot and different" as you get to the nub, but for the price an EXCELLENT cigar. I'm so glad I found these!! Don't deny yourself the pleasure, get some TODAY!!
Dan in Atlanta, GA July 16, 2013
This was my first cigar ever, and I loved it. The flavor was good it didn't fall apart, but it didn't really burn even, had to re-light a few spots. Waiting to buy a humi and then Isla's sampler and a 5 pack for sure.
Hilario in Merced, CA July 10, 2013
"Among The Best For The Price"
These cigars are fantasic, especially when you consider the price. Very sweet and mild flavor. I've had $8 coffee cigars and these blow them out of the water.
AJ in Massachusetts June 19, 2013
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10 Burn (86) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (89) 100
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10 Draw (91) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (96) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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