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Isla Del Sol Test Flight Reviews [view details]

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"Very Sweet"
Out of the various size auction 8 pack so far I'm 0-3. I enjoy a flavored cigar occasionally (think Tabak Especial) but right away these are bubble gum sweet. The sweetness receded slightly but all 3 had unraveling issues, a loose pack and finger nailed. I'll throw them in the small humidor and see what happens. Perhaps they'll be decent yard 'gars....
Boston Fire Lt. in Key West FL April 19, 2014
"I enjoyed the mild coffee/chocolate taste."
The taste was fine but the wrapper on every stick started coming unraveled towards the end.I might buy them again,but will keep them in the humidor a lot longer.
Jim S. in Davenport ND December 13, 2011
"WHO-AHH, Excellent Taste Like Kuba Kubas"
Got two of these 8 packs as 1st time Test Flights, what great flavor. Surprised to see this great deal still available! If you like Kuba Kubas, go for these and you won't be disappointed. Will share the free travel humidor with friends.
RG in Sacramento, CA August 1, 2011
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