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Isla Del Sol Toro Reviews [view details]

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"New favorite smoke"
Let me sum this up in three words: BUY. TWENTY. NOW. In all seriousness, though, this cigar is worth more than what I was charged. I, myself, love perdomos, sancha panza, olivias.. something with rich flavor and a bite in the taste. However, I do enjoy coffee infused cigars as well and these babies just became papas new pup. VERY similar to drew estate tabak especial, if not the exact same, except these cost much less. Sweet Sumatran wrapper (without going overboard), smooth draw and mild-medium beginning. Halfway through you get a very nice bite in flavor as well as continued notes of cocoa, coffee (obviously), and quality tabacco. The rating on these couldn't have been more spot on. Love em.
Gabriel in Columbia, SC March 30, 2013
"Fantastic smoke, highly recommended!"
Got a few sticks of these in a wingman sampler and I am pleased to recommend this cigar. Great mild smoke, damn near perfect draw, burned for over an hour. Drew Estate did a great job with this stick and especially at an affordable price. I prefer this for an occasional smoke, I'll have to pick some more up after I finish the remaining ones in my humidor! Give these a shot, well worth it!
Jared in New York February 5, 2013
"Excellent taste"
I like a mild flavored cigar. This fit the bill. A good cigar for a great price.
Howard in Arizona January 30, 2013
"Rich Mild flavorful, very good smoke"
I was a little concerned when I read other reviews say it was too sweet as I don't care for sugary tasting cigars. I can tell you that's not the case at all with these. Before lighting it up, there is a little sweet taste, but once it's lit, it isn't too sweet at all - just a mild hint of sweetness with a rich java flavor and a nice aroma from the smoke. Similar to an Acid Kuba Kuba or Java. Construction is a little bit fragile but it stays together and burns nice and even. Definitely not too sweet in my opinion. A very enjoyable smoke rich and tasty smoke.
Mike in NM January 12, 2013
"If you like Java and Acid, you will love this one"
This cigar has a sweet taste that lasts the entire smoke. If you mouth it for a while before smoking, the sharp sweetness fades a bit, but stays sweet. From the second third on, the smoke had a hint of spiciness. As with all Drew Estates, firm ash, great draw, fantastic appearance. This is my new favorite morning and late night smoke.
Griff in Arlington, TX November 15, 2012
"SWEET Ruined a good cigar"
This sounded like a wonderful cigar but the second I put it in my mouth the flavor was so strong I could not taste the cigar and was getting nauseated. Had to throw away. I would love to try this one without the flavor.
in October 19, 2012
"Best mild smoke I've tried"
I've been at this cigar business for 5 years now.....I'm a mild smoker. I've tried 'em all and ALWAYS end up with a couple of boxes of Isla del Sols. I like a Griffin now and then or a RP Lite but day-in, day-out, the Isla's are just a great mild smoke. Great on the golf course or with your favorite scotch. Probably shouldn't say this but I would pay more for a cigar so the price of these gars makes them an absolute bargain.
Steve in Iowa August 29, 2012
"New favorite"
I got a single toro in my last order to try and it was amazing, I will definitely be ordering a box. The burn can be a little fast but I used a punch cutter which helped slow the burn. Even so the draw is very good and the taste is even better. This went straight to my favorites!
in July 27, 2012
"VERY sweet but too much so."
This cigar appeared well made, cut and lit easily. The draw was smooth and the ash held up just fine. The aroma was great and the taste was pretty good. The only real problem for me was with how sweet the wrapper was. WAY too sweet. It got in the way of enjoying almost every draw. I picked up the coca and spice flavors, but the wrapper sweetness ruined it every time. Bottomline, an OK smoke that I couldn't enjoy.
Tony M in Plano, TX July 7, 2012
"I liked it"
Not as good as any Acid I've ever had but if you want to save some money these are are a great choice.
Mike in Reno May 24, 2012
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