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Isla Del Sol Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Sweet and thick"
The tip defenitely boosts a strong sweet taste which can be distracting. The draw is even with rich robust medium smoke. A med-full burn that safisfies novice smokers. Great stick!
Arnolf in Victorville CA May 12, 2012
Excellent flavor. Don't need sugar in my coffee with one of these.
Anthony A in Cookeville, TN February 23, 2012
"Nice smoke"
Nice tasting lite smoke. I really like the flavor . I will be trying more Drew Estate brands for the surprise ,as was this..I had the wrapper problems also , but I would buy again
Don B in Suffolk VA February 16, 2012
SAM in FL January 3, 2012
"nice breakfast smoke"
nice morning smoke with lingering flavors of cocco puff and fruit loops
Mike in Oregon October 3, 2011
"Good Flavor - Poor Wrapper"
I was excited to try The Isla Del Sol Toro as I am a huge fan of Drew Estates and the Acid cigars. Although it had a very good flavor and burned great, the wrapper began to unravel quickly and the cap shredded.
Ron in Rosarito Mexico September 18, 2011
The wrapper kinda broke a bit on me but nothing too bad. The flavor on the other hand was sweet. Almost as if they dipped the thing in sugar water. Its quite delicious. Highly recommended.
Ian in Columbus September 17, 2011
"Nice, but watch it 1/3 way in"
So my brother introduced me to these when I visited him earlier this summer. He is a big fan as are his friends, they all smoke them. Cops like these apparently. Anyway, I'm not a huge fan a ACID smokes, occasionally they're nice but for the most part I'm a Honduran guy. Punch, Hoyo, Padron etc. But after trying them a couple of nights I decided I might try a box and work into my regular stash. I have to say, I do like the switch from time to time. It really mixes it up. Could I do them every day? No way. Too much. Too sweet. The smokes themselves are well made and have an easy draw which is a big stickler for me. Lots of smoke and a mild-medium feel. I will say that nearly every one about 1/3 the way in had a run of bitter tobacco (it's not a deal breaker, just annoying). Once you get past that, then it's smooth sailing. Don't let your lady friends take a toke, they tend to swipe it from you.
Will I AM in Wisconsin August 19, 2011
From the moment I cut the end short filler started to fall out. I had to pick tobbaco out of my mouth all through the smoke. Once I removed the cigar band the wrapper started to unravel.It had a good burn and draw, The flavor was just OK. It was not an enjoable smoke.
Fred in West Palm Beach August 7, 2011
"Just a great smooth cigar for anytime smoking"
Just a great smoke at anytime of the day. I really like smooth draw and just flavor of this smoke. Perfect anytime
Greg Ferrell in Arizona August 1, 2011
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