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J Fuego Origen Reviews

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J Fuego Origen Originals (5)
"Great Full Body Smoke"
The best little smoke you can buy
J Fuego Origen Robusto
"Damn good cigar. I want more!"
The Originals are my favorite. Wonderful flavor. Copious smoke. Burns even and with easy draw. A real treat.
David in Portland, Or. April 22, 2013
J Fuego Origen Belicoso
"Just bought a box"
Had these in my humidor for quite some time; just blew through all the sticks I had. I enjoyed these so much I just bought a box on another site. Delicious, decadent, handsomely well-constructed and consistently enjoyable right down to the end. Too bad this line was just discontinued; grab them while you can.
Bridget in Westbrook_shoreline_CT April 7, 2013
J Fuego Origen Originals (5)
Super short smoke. Great flavor. Even burn and just the right amount of spice for my taste.
Davidstrand in portland oregon April 3, 2013
J Fuego Origen Robusto
"Great Value..."
I got one of these in a Famous sampler. Great construction, easy draw, smooth, and flavorful. A bargain I'll buy by the box from now on.
Paul S. in Waxhaw November 26, 2012
J Fuego Origen Robusto
"Sweet and Flavorful"
This cigar has a slightly sweet cap and a woody flavor in the first third which changes only slightly further down. The finish is short and woody with almost a caramel after taste from the cap. Cedar and an earthy flavor combine in the second third for a fuller flavor profile. The cigar has a light gray ash that holds well and the burn was immaculate. The end was still woody with hints of pepper and a slight mint flavor.
Brad L. in Atlanta August 5, 2012
J Fuego Origen Robusto
"Great Bang for the Buck"
My wife bought me a box of these about 8 months ago from a shop in San Francisco. The guy in the shop talked her into this brand I assume because J. Fuego was sitting in the shop. He autographed the box to me for my birthday. She brings them home and I'm like Uuu I've never heard of J. Fuego or Origen. I figure she got burned. Wrong. Very good cigar great volume of sweet white smoke. Perfect burn and draw. Excellent cigar at this price point. I highly recomend it. I had never seen this brand online untill today. I will be getting another box as soon as I smoke down some of the contents of my humidor.
Ed Lopez in Mexico August 2, 2012
J Fuego Origen Originals (5)
"awesome little smoke"
awesome little smoke for the price.great flavors and a consistent even burn.they look rough being hand rolled but they taste awesome.
JIM in toledo June 17, 2012
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