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Jameson Black Label Reviews

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Jameson Black Label Perfecto
"Great Shape-Great Size-No Flavor"
One of the most tasteless cigars I have ever smoked. Looks great, burns great, but no flavor. Maybe after a couple years in the humidor worth smoking.
Bobby in MI May 14, 2013
Jameson Black Churchill
"Outstanding Cigar"
Truly amazing cigar. Got a test flight on Auctioneer, on a whim. I was blown away from the first puff. So rich, so delicious, so special. I can easily compare them to Ashton VSG's, at 1/2 the price. Nothing bad to report, because they are flawless. Bought a box immediately. Heavenly, with age, even better, if that's possible. Don't hesitate on these. Just amazing, really.
Patrick in Southern Illinois June 27, 2012
Jameson Black Label Perfecto
"GREAT shape. Great size. Great suprise!"
There is a "$4 each" discount bin in the far back corner of the huge walk-in humidor at my local cigar shop. This bin contains a mountain of cigars that have oddball names, have been discontinued, or are just not big sellers anymore. Some with a MSR of over $10! A treasure trove of big name brands waiting for a shrewd bargain hunter. Being a fan of unusual shapes and sizes, The Jameson Black Label Perfecto stuck out like a sore thumb. I bought 1/2 dozen of these black beauties and nestled them away in my humidor for a month. Now for the fun part: When I finally dipped in for one, they were amazing! Sooo smoooth and mellow. Great construction, consistent, (some perfectos can be a bitch to get lit properly)even burn, and easy draw - with billowing clouds of smoke! I have bought more of these recently and they are at home in the humi with vastly more expensive Camacho, Cohiba and Montecristos. My daily, "go-to" smoke? Oh no, dear brothers. This perfecto is special. I will buy more and age them for years to come. Try one today. You won't be disappointed.
Lawrence E. in Topeka, KS December 31, 2011
Jameson Black Robusto
"Nice start...foul ending..."
This Jameson Black labeled Robusto had a great aroma indoors and out with a very nice start to the smoke filled with popping flavour, but just over mid-way thru the flavour and aroma changed to a strong acidic. It began to smell like an old stale cigarette. I aged this one a few weeks before smoking, but that didn't seem to matter. Again, it had a nice start, but a foul ending. I cannot say much for the consistency either. It canoed constantly and had to be worked while smoking. Not one for the humidor.
Jon in Indiana December 17, 2011
Jameson Black Churchill 5 Pack
"Smooth Full Body(ed)"
Iv'e had the smaller version corona ,I think. In my opinion it was a Really,Really,Really goood cigar I'm looking forward to smoking the Toro,Churchill and pyramide sizes in the near future.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation(rez) Wi. December 14, 2011
Jameson Black Churchill 5 Pack
Not bad, but not all that great either. Nice cigar but ordinary taste. I wouldn't pay more than a buck a stick for a couple and not that for a box.
Kevin in TN October 5, 2011
Jameson Black Churchill
"Good cigar"
Nice looking cigar, dark wrapper with some tooth to it. Pre-light draw was spot on so I fired it up on the front porch watching the rain. Flavor was mainly coffee and tobacco, with some mild pepper spiciness. The flavor did not change throughout the cigar, the coffee flavors intensified a bit as smoked, and the spiciness diminished some. Burn was a bit funky and the ash flaky for the first inch, but it evened out to a sharp burn with a solid ash after that. It was a solid medium in the strength category for me.
Fud in Teh intarwebs November 1, 2010
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