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Java By Drew Estate Reviews

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Java Petit Corona
"I love this cigar"
I do love this cigar, the only draw back is the consistency of flavor. The first one I had I loved and went and immediately ordered more. However the next one seemed less flavorful. I enjoy flavored cigars, especially coffee, chocolate, vanilla types. I will still order more and hope for the best.
Leslea johnson in Arizona July 11, 2014
Java Petit Corona
"Great for ladies"
I am a new cigar smoker and have been trying different ones with the smaller ring gauge. The other ladies I know that smoke cigars all prefer infused ones. I didn t really want to taste any other flavor than tobacco, but I was given one of these to try. This is now my favorite cigar, the only one I will buy from now on. Perfect size, good burn...just what I was looking for.
Riverra July 6, 2014
Java The 58
"the java the best i ever had"
i have smoke many and i found that this is the best i have had great taste very smooth no other words to add !!!!!
michael in yalch June 29, 2014
Java Corona
"Outstanding cigar"
The best cigar I ve ever had no joke . I ordered one with a custom sample and just ordered a box. Go get some.
Jeremy in New Hampshire June 28, 2014
Java Corona
"Great Cigar, Go Find One"
Amazing cigar. Smoke it anytime.
John Mahi in Kure Beach NC July 21, 2013
Java Robusto
"Decent, But Worth the Cost??"
I couldn't find the ones from Rocky Patel so I tried Drew. Two cigars burnt like roman candles sluing smoke out the glow end like I was burning twenty dollar bills! Just filled my porch up and smoked my wife right out of the area. Do they flavor these things with some type of petrochemical? Very disappointed. Tried three and enjoyed the flavor but hell's bells, you can't smoke these inside or small animals could die. Draw was way to easy, like sucken a straw almost. I ripped through these sticks like a carton character.
Chris in Cary, Nc July 14, 2013
Java Robusto
I fell in love with this cigar. By far my favorite. Nice long burn time, great smooth draw, intoxicating flavor. And love the square shape. People always wonder what I'm smoking.
Jack in Lakeland, Fl February 27, 2013
Java Corona
"The greatest smoke I've ever had"
The standard by which I measure all others. I wish they were cheap enough ti enjoy everyday. The besy there is.
James in Tennessee February 27, 2013
Java Petit Corona
"Not too impressed."
I bought this petite corona which is not box pressed btw (not a big deal, I just want to be accurate), at a local B&M. I let it age in my humi' for a little over a month. And other then the sweeten tip I didn't get any infused taste, just a bitter young tobacco taste. It had a very loose draw so I had to smoke it real slow to keep it from getting hot. Burn was good even on a windy day. I'll be buying another one incase I got a dud. I'll probably be getting a bigger ring gauge as well.
Brian in MA February 25, 2013
Java Toro
"Nice, relaxing smoke"
This cigar looks great, feels great, and tastes great. Plus, my non-smoking friends loved the smell of the smoke.
Dave in Chicago February 7, 2013
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