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Java By Drew Estate Reviews

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Java Toro
"Good Smoke"
Not as favourful as the Dulce but the wrapper stays together and intsact. Easy draw and smooth smoking.
Sheri in Humboldt TN January 13, 2013
Java Robusto
"A bit loose, but a fine smoke."
From the first puff to the last this cigar produces a very creamy chocolate flavor, punctuated by hints of spice with a mellow woody after taste. It was quite pleasant when paired with a sweet red wine, such as a Cabernet, the two mingle well, like chocolate covered cherries. My sample was packed a bit too loose, but the others in my humidor are much firmer.
Ryan in San Diego, Ca November 4, 2012
Java Corona
"Thanks Drew and Rocky"
Thanks Guy's. My wife hates the smell of Cigars but doesn't mind the smell of these. Smooth with a cup of Coffee or Johnny Walker Gold. My New Cigar.
Vince in New York October 14, 2012
Java The 58
"My new #1"
My new favorite smoke. I lie the big ring size especially
Joe in Philadelphia October 13, 2012
Java The 58
"Too big!"
I loved the smaller sized versions of this cigar, so I figured I'd give the big ring gauge a try to see if there's more complexity. There isn't. That's not to say it wasn't good, it was very good. But it tasted off to me, a flavor that the smaller robusto and corona don't have. It also got very warm half way through, and too hot with almost two inches left. I had to put it down because it was burning my tongue. I even used a punch to try and slow down the burn. It had a VERY loose draw. Overall it was a good smoke, but I'll be sticking to my favorite size: the robusto.
Ben in Texas September 24, 2012
Java Corona
"Incredibly smooth and flavorful"
Picked one of these up from my local B%26M and smoked it that day. Absolutely incredibly flavor with just a hint of coffee. You kind of have to know it's there to taste it. If you're interested in these, pick one up locally, it's usually cheaper, then buy a box here if you like them! That's my plan.
Ben in Texas September 8, 2012
Java Robusto
"Great cigar!"
Great cigar - I'm not a fan of flavored cigars, but got 3 of these as a gift. The cafe mocha taste was perfect, smooth even draw, creaming smoke!! Definitely recommend them for an occasional change from the ordinary.
Bob in Norwood, MA August 29, 2012
Java The 58
Good surprise.....should of keyed into the java thing......great taste. Beautiful smoke, even burn and lots of smoke
Dennis in Arkansas August 4, 2012
Java Robusto
"Fantastic, best cigar around"
What a great cigar. Very smooth, very nice draw and the taste and aroma can't be beat. People always ask me what I'm smoking it smells so good. What a great cigar.
keith in Louisiana April 8, 2012
Java The 58
"Nice Surprise"
Ordered the five pack of the 58, totally enjoyed this cigar. I plan on ordering a box. Highly recommend the 58.
Steven W in Philadelphia, PA February 10, 2012
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