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Java By Drew Estate Reviews

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Java The 58
"Good, but..."
Prior to cutting and lighting, this cigar is quite attractive both in smell and appearance. Nice mocha notes are quite easy to pick up. However, the 58 ring gauge makes this slightly too big for most cutters and you can easily end up with having the wrapper unravel on you while you are smoking it. Burn was slightly uneven but the draw was consistent from start to finish. I like the idea but for me, the 58 is just too fat. Go for the 50 Corona version of this smoke.
Rob in Santa Cruz January 6, 2012
Java Corona
"Women Love this Cigar."
I enjoy my stick with the comfort of female companionship. Java, both the Latte and the Mocha are a hit with my "friends". Smooth, taste of mascaline flavors, good with Markers Mark.
art in Flint October 2, 2011
Java Corona
"Great any time smoke......"
This is by far the best coffeee infused cigar on the market. The maduro wrapper is loaded with oils like a well aged maduro usually gets. The construction was good and the taste was excellent. It is a long filler cigar which is a change from a lot of other "flavored" cigars. A lot of them use mixed fill and the taste is sprayed on or something. This is totally different and you can tell as soon as you hold it in your hand. I would highly recommend this cigar. The Drew Estate Tabak Especial is a close second but is lacking by using a lesser maduro wrapper.
Mitchell F. in Washington NC September 15, 2011
Java Robusto
"Not for me..."
Prelight aroma was fantastic...sort of a mix between milk chocolate and coffee. However, once I lit it up, it tasted literally like burnt chocolate which was very unpleasant and left a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Maybe it was just the bad one of the batch, or maybe it wasn't in the humidor long enough, but from that experience, I will not be buying this cigar again.
Neil in USA August 26, 2011
Java Robusto
"My new favorite"
Although I still like tradional cigars, this has become a favorite and one that I really like to smoke during a round of golf or after dinner.
Neil in USA August 26, 2011 August 5, 2011
Java The 58
"These are a crowd favorite."
T in Ohio May 18, 2011
Java The 58
"A favorite..."
While the few I've tried have had issues with the wrapper (cap falls apart after punching, some minor unraveling), the taste and smoothness more than makes up for those minor annoyances. Definitely worth trying a sampler, at least.
J. Matthews in Athens, GA May 13, 2011
Java Robusto
"Perfect "dessert" cigar"
What a great cigar. I'm usually not at all a fan of flavored cigars, but the java is the exception. I keep a few of these in my humidor and smoke one whenever I'm in the mood for its amazing chocolate-mocha flavor. Even my wife, who doesn't smoke, begs me to grab one of these babies so that we can share it with a few glasses of wine. Highly recommended to anyone!
Mark in USA April 14, 2011
Java Corona
"Great Smoke!!!"
The java corona has a great draw. It is an excellent cigar to smoke after you have smoked medium to full cigars, to clean your palet. Tastes even better with coca cola or pepsi, it brings out more the coco and mocha flavors of the cigar.
PumpkinEscobar in San Diego April 4, 2011
Java The 58
"Don't want to grab anything else"
Have a humidor full of nice cigars, yet keep smoking these. Just ordered another box.
Chad in Gillette February 27, 2011
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