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Java Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Adult candy"
Picked up several sticks at a local smoke shop while waitng for my FSS delivery.Among them was a RP Java modero.My commute on the 91 about an hour which I dread but this morning I lit this honey and wow.Like adult candy.I couldn't put it down.A little harsh at the last 3/4" but not bad.I can only hope the Toranos are comparable when they arrive.
Hokan in So.California September 15, 2010
"Expected More"
I expect more from a $5 cigar. The taste was respectable, but the cigar was ugly, soft and harsh near the end.
OneSingularPerson in US December 11, 2009
"Great with Coffe and Irish Cream"
1 cup coffee + 1 shot Irish Cream + One Java Cigar = Heaven on Earth.
Jarod in Arkansas March 7, 2009
Excellent cigar, impressive aroma, nice draw and a solid construction. Pricey but definitely worth every penny. One of the best I've tried. Thank you Famous
Dr. D Claici in Timisoara, Romania February 16, 2009
"java corona is an absolute pleasure to smoke."
Drew estate you have yourselves another winner Thanks a lot.
barry in westchester il. May 6, 2008
"Smooth Rich Smoke"
Smooth Rich Smoke
Jim in South Carolina April 14, 2008
I am a big fan of Drew Estates cigars, flavored-infused and non-flavored. I regularly smoke Acid Atom Maduros, Acid Blondies, Acid Cold Tea Infusions, Natural Dirt Torpedos, and Natural Elixers. I love the Kahlua! So I bought a 5-pack of the Java Corona Maduros based on my experience with Drew Estates and the 9.4 Java received here. I put them in the humidor for a couple of days and lit one tonight. The first 1/3 of the stick had nice hints of cocao and coffee with that good Nicaraguan filler finish. Then it started to become bitter. On the way down the second 1/2, the smoke began to burn the back of my mouth and I could not smoke any more. The finish now was all bitterness and I had to smoke a Blondie to get the taste out of my mouth. I'll leave the rest in the humidor for a couple of weeks to see it they mellow. If the next one is like this first, I will throw the rest away.
Mark in Annapolis, MD January 27, 2008
"recent cigar smoker"
OH MY GOD! That's it......
Lola in Washington July 2, 2007
I had a Java last night. My problem was that I only had beer to pair it with...BAD IDEA. Ruined the flavor and not to mention, I ran out of beer and then got rained on. I will definitely buy it again, but will pair it appropriately with coffee or cocoa next time! Very pleasing scent. My wife doesn't smoke and she loved this thing. In fact, she came out and smoked a quarter of it herself just because she loved the smell so much
Sean in Montesano, WA May 21, 2007
"My favorite among many"
By far my favorite. I've tried alot of different cigars, and tend to go for the flavored. Not only good to the last draw, but a really nice smell for those who don't smoke. I'm taking some of these to Mexico where I can get a good Cuban all day long.
mark kukhahn in washington state March 22, 2007
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