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Java Latte Reviews

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Java Latte Toro
"OMG !!!"
Having spent THOUSANDS of $$$ here searching for a truly pleasurable cigar I FINALLY stumbled on these GODSENDS. Smooth, Mild and sooo Flavorful ... Soft and pliable with a gorgeous light brown wrapper the construction is First Rate!. The draw was Perfect. The burn was almost as good. The smoke is full, aromatic and dances on your palate without biting or burning. Vanilla and Nutmeg meets Claro... What a Smoke!!!
Steven in Sunrise, Florida September 15, 2010
Java Latte Toro
"My favorite"
Great cigar after dinner. Very smooth and sweet.
Larry in PA September 10, 2010
Java Latte Toro
"Very Nice Cigar, Sweet."
Very Nice Cigar, Sweet.
Nick in Wisconsin August 1, 2010
Java Latte The 58
"Great Taste; Wonderful Scent; Smooth Smoke"
May need a special cutter for the Claro 58 but you certainly will have no problem on the draw. This cigar is extremely well made, with a gorgeous appearance, perfect burn and effortless draw. The tobacco is super high quality and the essence of Java (Coffee-Mocha) did not overpower the flavor of the tobacco, which is the key here! Really enjoyable smoke, but to me would not score as well in the value category. It is quality and well made but the price it too much for what it is. I'd likely never buy a full box, only a 5 pack, if I could find em at the 'Auction' price if I had the jones for another.
JC in Central Jersey June 11, 2010
Java Claro Wafe
"tasty treat"
I was already familar with the Wafe shape before I bought this particular cigar and it really is worth giving a a try if you've never smoked one before. My local brick and mortar shop has always had the shape in stock so a single was easy for me to take for spin first before committing to more. I can see how it could shock someone not prepared for it if bought online or at auction. Overall it's pleasant with a nicer pull than you would expect from the odd shape. I also know very well that the ladies like these. Also it's a tasty treat with tea in the afternoon. Drew Estate has not a bad cigar in the bunch. God Bless Jonathan.
HankH in Dallas January 15, 2010
Java Claro Wafe
"Not Acid's best"
As an acid fanatic this one grossly misses the mark. Not worth the overly priced cost.Got a good deal on five at auction and gave the other four away. Besides a little coffee flavor on the wrapper it lacks anything else to even talk about.
Ken H in Harford Maryland December 5, 2009
Java Latte Corona
I bought a five pack of these and loved them!!!! I wanted to see how well the latte was to the java and i have to say all drew estate cigars are great i havent had one bad stick yet!!! they are just so smooth and not bad for what you pay if you like flavor in your cigars you cant go wrong with any of drew estates cigars
Mike in oakland November 2, 2009
Java Claro Wafe
"Bizzare wafer cigar"
This cigar is flat. Not round. Not box pressed. Flat..life a wafer. I guess it tastes ok, but for the price, I would like to get a real cigar. Putting a ring size on this is mis-leading. It is flat!
Brad in Chester, VA September 26, 2009
Java Claro Wafe
I am a new customer but an avid smoker. This cigar is dissapointing. I like the concept, but for the price, this should be to the specs you advertise (5 x 46). This cigar is flat! Poor advertising on this potentially great smoke. I have bought the JAVA cigars at local stores, and they were great. This again is dissapointing
Anthony Brown in Memphis, TN April 17, 2009
Java Latte The 58
"Great smoke"
Love this stick to me it is the best smoke out there essp. if you like something sweet.
william in birmingham alabama March 18, 2009
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