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Java Latte Reviews

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Java Latte The 58
"Very nice, chocolatety"
very nice cigar, very enjoyable
jess August 12, 2008
Java Latte The 58
"Java Latte - Great change-of-pace!"
If you're looking for something different and are willing to experience something with a little bit of flavor, the Java Latte by Drew Estate is a must-try! I had my first on 7/3/08 and fell in love within seconds!
Blair in Woodridge, IL July 21, 2008
Java Latte Robusto
"Awesome, Refreshingly Different Cigar!"
Chocolate and fruit come through, a pleasure in both draw and scent from start to finish- one of my favorites!
David in Ohio July 21, 2008
Java Latte Corona
"Best Flavored Cigar"
This is a great cigar with plenty of flavor from start to finish. Construction, draw and aroma are superb with no sacrifices. Without a doubt, this will leave you wanting more.
Steven Granger in FL May 24, 2008
Java Latte Toro
"SOO weird but oh soo good."
java cigars are truly Awesome.
barry pagano in westchester il. May 15, 2008
Java Latte Corona
Ok I gave this a chance and bought a single stick. The best part was before I fired it up. Nice taste on the wrapper. It stopped there, lousy taste once you got it going, loose roll and the draw was too much. Reminded me of some cheap cigars I have tried in the past. Save your money and pass this up.
GWP in San Antonio Tx May 14, 2008
Java Claro Wafe
"a great cigar any time of day."
Drew Estate your da bomb.
Barry Pagano in IL May 11, 2008
Java Latte Corona
Sorry but i just can't agree with the previous reviews for this line of cigars. They are wonderful. They are sweet but not overpowering in any sense of the word. The initial mocha flavor settles down after the first 25% into a fantastic mild morning smoke. What really suprised me was the quality of the tobbacco and construction. No, these aren't the kind of cigars you would smoke after a large hearty meal. Rather, they are a nice gentle morning smoke to have with your coffee/espresso.
Bangy in R.I. December 29, 2007
Java Latte Toro
"weird for a cigar"
not truly a cigar in any way and so strong a pong that it overpowers your pallette and the whole area you are sitting in. personally i just had to try them but preferred the Kahlua more than these. i will stick to real cigars instead even though the ladies seem to like the aroma of flavoured cigars?
CreekEnd UK in UK October 31, 2007
Java Claro Wafe
"Don't Buy"
In fact, I can't understand how they can even call this a cigar. I've had better Candy cigars
Jerry in Bay City, MI. January 8, 2007
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