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Java Latte Corona Reviews [view details]

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"One word: Smooth"
Smooth and tastes great. I smoke this one after dinner to end my busy day. It has an easy going coffee note that will definitely keep me coming back for more.
George in Marianna, FL September 11, 2013
"Latte cigar for coffee lovers"
This was a good cigar. No draw or construction etc. issues what so ever. Tastes of sweet coffee and a sweet aroma when smoked. Perfect for a morning smoke with your favorite cup of Joe.
Anthony in California July 4, 2013
"Best I've had yet"
Being a macanudo portofino smoker, after reading the yumy description of these cigars thought if gave it a try. Makes the macanudos look and taste like a joke. Very smooth, creamy and tasty. I mean wow. But see I like a very smooth cigar. Has the perfect balance of everything in my opinion. Doesn't rock you like the macanudos do but sometimes that's a good thing. I can't count how many times with the macanudos I've been caught up in conversation looked up and realized I was gone to a far far away cloud. Not the java lattes, they are an even mild smoke. Smells like a dream too. Enjoy.
Kevin in Jersey shore May 27, 2012
I got one of these in a sampler pack - one of those shopping days when I wanted to try something different. I usually smoke a full body maduro larger calibre cigar - this was the complete opposite. Well, what a pleasant excursion. The wrapper is light and nicely done - the box press is superb. The pre-light fragrance and draw is pleasant - an eyebrow raiser. The initial quarter of the cigar was smooth and pleasant and as I got to the nub, I got a taste of fresh coffee grounds. I will return for more.
Joe in Ottawa Canada November 14, 2011
I just love the Drew Estate Java Latte. It's a creamy and sweet smoke any time of the day. If your looking for a treat or you have a sweet tooth go and get you one. You'll love it!
Arad1973 in Katy, Tx March 26, 2011
"Great Smoke anytime"
The Java Latte is a great smoke, has a consistent taste and burns well. The only issues are the availability and occasional loose roll. Great for mornings and a nice mid day cigar with a coffee or espresso.
Eric in Cape Cod, MA March 22, 2011
I bought a five pack of these and loved them!!!! I wanted to see how well the latte was to the java and i have to say all drew estate cigars are great i havent had one bad stick yet!!! they are just so smooth and not bad for what you pay if you like flavor in your cigars you cant go wrong with any of drew estates cigars
Mike in oakland November 2, 2009
"Best Flavored Cigar"
This is a great cigar with plenty of flavor from start to finish. Construction, draw and aroma are superb with no sacrifices. Without a doubt, this will leave you wanting more.
Steven Granger in FL May 24, 2008
Ok I gave this a chance and bought a single stick. The best part was before I fired it up. Nice taste on the wrapper. It stopped there, lousy taste once you got it going, loose roll and the draw was too much. Reminded me of some cheap cigars I have tried in the past. Save your money and pass this up.
GWP in San Antonio Tx May 14, 2008
Sorry but i just can't agree with the previous reviews for this line of cigars. They are wonderful. They are sweet but not overpowering in any sense of the word. The initial mocha flavor settles down after the first 25% into a fantastic mild morning smoke. What really suprised me was the quality of the tobbacco and construction. No, these aren't the kind of cigars you would smoke after a large hearty meal. Rather, they are a nice gentle morning smoke to have with your coffee/espresso.
Bangy in R.I. December 29, 2007
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Draw (91) 100
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10 Appearance (94) 100
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10 Taste (95) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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