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Java Mint Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Very smooth mild chocolate and mint taste"
This is a top favorite so far. The essence of both chocolate and mint are faint but just enough to compliment the cigar. It would not be what I would refer to as a menthol flavor at all, its just enough to provide the "just right" addition of flavor. Also, they burn quote well and do not get harsh - a big "yes" vote from me on that note.
John in Kentucky January 21, 2013
"Not for me"
First, I am a huge fan of the Java. However, smoking the "Java Mint" was somewhat like smoking a menthol cigarette. It didn't have much of a "mint" flavor at all. However, I admit that I may have had a preconceived notion of what the Java Mint would taste like before buying it. I purchased it thinking it would have a slight mint undertone to compliment the the always present cocoa and coffee flavors that are so well balanced in the original Java. Also, I didn't let it rest in my humidor either which may have something to do with it. Overall, the quality of construction, draw and burn were great as usual. Being that I am such a big fan of the Java, I will most likely try one more, but will let it sit a while in the humidor before smoking it.
Tom in Cypress, Texas August 9, 2011
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