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Java Petit Corona Reviews [view details]

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"I love this cigar"
I do love this cigar, the only draw back is the consistency of flavor. The first one I had I loved and went and immediately ordered more. However the next one seemed less flavorful. I enjoy flavored cigars, especially coffee, chocolate, vanilla types. I will still order more and hope for the best.
Leslea johnson in Arizona July 11, 2014
"Great for ladies"
I am a new cigar smoker and have been trying different ones with the smaller ring gauge. The other ladies I know that smoke cigars all prefer infused ones. I didn t really want to taste any other flavor than tobacco, but I was given one of these to try. This is now my favorite cigar, the only one I will buy from now on. Perfect size, good burn...just what I was looking for.
Riverra in July 6, 2014
"Not too impressed."
I bought this petite corona which is not box pressed btw (not a big deal, I just want to be accurate), at a local B&M. I let it age in my humi' for a little over a month. And other then the sweeten tip I didn't get any infused taste, just a bitter young tobacco taste. It had a very loose draw so I had to smoke it real slow to keep it from getting hot. Burn was good even on a windy day. I'll be buying another one incase I got a dud. I'll probably be getting a bigger ring gauge as well.
Brian in MA February 25, 2013
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