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"Decent, But Worth the Cost??"
I couldn't find the ones from Rocky Patel so I tried Drew. Two cigars burnt like roman candles sluing smoke out the glow end like I was burning twenty dollar bills! Just filled my porch up and smoked my wife right out of the area. Do they flavor these things with some type of petrochemical? Very disappointed. Tried three and enjoyed the flavor but hell's bells, you can't smoke these inside or small animals could die. Draw was way to easy, like sucken a straw almost. I ripped through these sticks like a carton character.
Chris in Cary, Nc July 14, 2013
I fell in love with this cigar. By far my favorite. Nice long burn time, great smooth draw, intoxicating flavor. And love the square shape. People always wonder what I'm smoking.
Jack in Lakeland, Fl February 27, 2013
"A bit loose, but a fine smoke."
From the first puff to the last this cigar produces a very creamy chocolate flavor, punctuated by hints of spice with a mellow woody after taste. It was quite pleasant when paired with a sweet red wine, such as a Cabernet, the two mingle well, like chocolate covered cherries. My sample was packed a bit too loose, but the others in my humidor are much firmer.
Ryan in San Diego, Ca November 4, 2012
"Great cigar!"
Great cigar - I'm not a fan of flavored cigars, but got 3 of these as a gift. The cafe mocha taste was perfect, smooth even draw, creaming smoke!! Definitely recommend them for an occasional change from the ordinary.
Bob in Norwood, MA August 29, 2012
"Fantastic, best cigar around"
What a great cigar. Very smooth, very nice draw and the taste and aroma can't be beat. People always ask me what I'm smoking it smells so good. What a great cigar.
keith in Louisiana April 8, 2012
"Not for me..."
Prelight aroma was fantastic...sort of a mix between milk chocolate and coffee. However, once I lit it up, it tasted literally like burnt chocolate which was very unpleasant and left a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Maybe it was just the bad one of the batch, or maybe it wasn't in the humidor long enough, but from that experience, I will not be buying this cigar again.
Neil in USA August 26, 2011
"My new favorite"
Although I still like tradional cigars, this has become a favorite and one that I really like to smoke during a round of golf or after dinner.
in August 5, 2011
"Perfect "dessert" cigar"
What a great cigar. I'm usually not at all a fan of flavored cigars, but the java is the exception. I keep a few of these in my humidor and smoke one whenever I'm in the mood for its amazing chocolate-mocha flavor. Even my wife, who doesn't smoke, begs me to grab one of these babies so that we can share it with a few glasses of wine. Highly recommended to anyone!
Mark in USA April 14, 2011
"Chick Magnet"
When you receive this incredible cigar put it in your humidor for at least a month. Assuming you know the proper way to operate a humidor. Ryan, please give it another try. I gave this cigar to many friends and they felt the same as yourself. They all told me they didn't leave in their humidor long enough.
mark in Canada January 1, 2011
"Very nice!"
One of the nicest hours I have had in a while. None of that gourmet crap going on here...just a very good coffee and chocolate smoke. I forgot about the leather,pepper and wild earth tones "with a touch of spice". This is a damn good and fine cigar just for the smoking pleasure of a good cigar.
Edward in MI November 9, 2010
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