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Java The 58 Reviews [view details]

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"the best"
best cigar out there
bob in ohio June 9, 2010
"best cigar out there"
perfect burn and draw, great taste,good constuction,i love this cigar
bob in ohio June 9, 2010
"It's hard to say that Im already picking Favorites"
This is the Cigar, born from Drew Estate, that has the burden of being my go-to-number one cigar. Sure this will be replaced, but the time spent enjoying this cigar at the top is great. Full, a real smoke. Great feel, enjoyable in every draw. Starts clean, ends clean. . . Money well spent.
Jon in Philly March 1, 2010
"What a pleasure!!!"
I have been smoking regular cigars for some time, flavored cigars did not meet my expectations until I smoked the Java both the wafe and the toro are incredible. i find myself lighting up a wafe after i have finished a toro because i didn't want the smoke to end, The latte is a great day cigar while the Java is wonderful after dinner with a chocolate flavered coffee after dinner or a nice port wine. Waffe's are a great quick smoke. This cigar takes up most of my humidor.
JVG in Shelton, CT January 14, 2009
"Came a long way but got it right !"
BRAVO!!!! The Java Super-Toro is the right stick for me in the am! Light with suttle hints of coffee flavor. Perfercto! for the start of a day! Drew Estates got it right on this one, traditionally I was never a "flavor" smoker, but they took their time and got it right and sold me!
Ken B in Long Island NY December 10, 2008
Being fans of their other infused smokes, this sounded like a home run. My friend and I were looking forward to trying the JAVA line from Drew Estate. When they arrived, they smelled fantastic right out of the box. I could only imagine what this smoke would taste like. We were both greatly disappointed with this cigar. The flavor was not what we expected. Unmemorable to say the least. What really killed it was the burn. We both had to relight this smoke over ten times. When it did burn, it was uneven. At the halfway mark the cigar became so soft and mushy I thought it would unravel in my fingers. Hey we gave it a shot. No dice. Would not recommend this to anyone.
Brian in Long Island, NY December 8, 2008
"Smoooooth Smoke"
The 58 is the bomb a smooth smoke
scott khatoonian in Texas July 21, 2008
"Smoooooth Smoke"
The 58 is the bomb a smooth smoke
scott khatoonian in Texas July 21, 2008
"Niche finely filled"
Now I know what "boutique" means.
JFerg in Jackson, MS July 14, 2008
"Drew Estates does it again!!"
this oddly shaped pressed little beauty is a great stick. It is well constructed, good drawing, aromatic, handsome cigar. I was a bit aprehensive in purchasing this cigar being box pressed and all. My previous encounters with box pressed cigars were poor construction, and have generally poor draw. However Drew Estates has made a premium quality pressed cigar in the Java. This cigar burns evenly, cleanly, and the ash is solid. The Java Super58 toro has a mild chocolate and coffee hint which adds to the already great flavor of this cigar. By hint, i mean unless you were looking for it you would probably be guessing what that flavor was. The only drawback to this cigar is that unless you keep drawing, it tends to need to be relit(had to do this a couple of times cause i was preoccupied and wasn't paying attention to it. Other than that, i will be keeping plenty of these in my humi....definitly one of my new favorites.
D. Tennant in Fla. July 3, 2008
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