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Java The 58 Reviews [view details]

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"Coronas are better"
Use a punch on one of these honkers as they are wrapped pretty loose. After lighting gave me an inch of firm ash and plenty of cool blue smoke with an almost too easy draw. Wrapper started unwinding a fourth of the way down and kept doing that without affecting an already even burn. Weird. Required two relights and upon second she went sour on me. Having said that it still had that fantastic JAVA taste up to that point. I've had much better luck with the JAVA coronas.
Scott B in Southwest Utah January 2, 2008
"java robusto"
this cigar is like no other..perfect taste and aroma.this one will always be on my list
GREG in LOS ANGELES September 27, 2007
"Great Smoke!!!"
This is a great cigar, good burn and draw. Just finished my last one and am waiting for them to make more. Hurry up!!!
John in Pennsylvania February 17, 2007
The 58 is awesome!! Smooth,sweet and a full clean burn from start to finish. A great smoke!
Lance in Texas January 10, 2007
"Can't Do It"
After smoking 2 of these god awful things, I can't stand the thought of putting another in my mouth .
SFL in Scottsdale AZ. January 1, 2007
"SUPER 58"
This was the best smoke & taste by far since I've started . Completely smooth great burn truly a favorite.
Ray Mufalli in NJ November 21, 2006
"Smooth and Tasty!"
I didn't like flavored cigars but tried the sampler anyway. I'm glad I did! Started with the Wafe and ended with the 58. I'm on my 4th box of them and haven't had a bad one. Easy draw, long ash, no bitter after taste. I can enjoy this one for an hour or more. Drew Estate got this one right.
michael in san diego August 27, 2006
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10 Construction (94) 100
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