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"the java the best i ever had"
i have smoke many and i found that this is the best i have had great taste very smooth no other words to add !!!!!
michael in yalch June 29, 2014
"My new #1"
My new favorite smoke. I lie the big ring size especially
Joe in Philadelphia October 13, 2012
"Too big!"
I loved the smaller sized versions of this cigar, so I figured I'd give the big ring gauge a try to see if there's more complexity. There isn't. That's not to say it wasn't good, it was very good. But it tasted off to me, a flavor that the smaller robusto and corona don't have. It also got very warm half way through, and too hot with almost two inches left. I had to put it down because it was burning my tongue. I even used a punch to try and slow down the burn. It had a VERY loose draw. Overall it was a good smoke, but I'll be sticking to my favorite size: the robusto.
Ben in Texas September 24, 2012
Good surprise.....should of keyed into the java thing......great taste. Beautiful smoke, even burn and lots of smoke
Dennis in Arkansas August 4, 2012
"Nice Surprise"
Ordered the five pack of the 58, totally enjoyed this cigar. I plan on ordering a box. Highly recommend the 58.
Steven W in Philadelphia, PA February 10, 2012
"Good, but..."
Prior to cutting and lighting, this cigar is quite attractive both in smell and appearance. Nice mocha notes are quite easy to pick up. However, the 58 ring gauge makes this slightly too big for most cutters and you can easily end up with having the wrapper unravel on you while you are smoking it. Burn was slightly uneven but the draw was consistent from start to finish. I like the idea but for me, the 58 is just too fat. Go for the 50 Corona version of this smoke.
Rob in Santa Cruz January 6, 2012
"These are a crowd favorite."
T in Ohio May 18, 2011
"A favorite..."
While the few I've tried have had issues with the wrapper (cap falls apart after punching, some minor unraveling), the taste and smoothness more than makes up for those minor annoyances. Definitely worth trying a sampler, at least.
J. Matthews in Athens, GA May 13, 2011
"Don't want to grab anything else"
Have a humidor full of nice cigars, yet keep smoking these. Just ordered another box.
Chad in Gillette February 27, 2011
"Top of the LIne"
My only experience with Maduro cigars so far has been the Java Drew Estate Maduro which I love. It has that wonderful coco/coffee essence and is perfect for having after a great dinner. The burn is easy and even, the smoke is medium and it taste nice on your lips. I?m making the Java Drew Estate Maduro my number one favorite cigar and will be buying these cigars by the box.
Nicholas Skinas in Los Angeles November 26, 2010
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10 Construction (94) 100
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