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Jet Line New York Black Triple Flame Lighter Reviews [view details]

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I purchased this lighter after reading the other reviews that were favorable but I had a completely opposite experience. Perhaps I received a defective unit but this lighter was completely useless to me. The flame adjustment is pretty much too high or no flame at all. It burns through the little fuel it does have in no time - not long enough to even light one cigar properly. Don t waste your money on this lighter!
Adam in Rochester,NY October 2, 2014
"Most cost efficient lighter out there"
I have several expensive lighters, but this was my first. It is by far the best cigar lighter for the price. great as a main or a backup.
Bren in CT November 16, 2012
"Great little lighter!!"
I lost my last triple flame 4th of July weekend so I've been looking around online for a few weeks. After having burned the do-da out of my thumb repeatedly, I was REALLY looking for a triple flame with the striker lower down the side of the lighter. I'm on a fixed income so price was very important also. The Jet Line fit the bill perfectly! Less that $20, striker on the side, triple flame. What more can you ask for? Here's what I didn't know until I received the lighter: Very well constructed; the (manual) top flips open to reveal a mirror inside the cap so you can precisely move the foot of your stick for a perfect light; there are dual adjustment controls on the bottom for setting your flame perfectly AND there's a fuel level window! This lighter is simply great but there are a couple of minor annoyances. First, you have to flip the top open before you can strike the lighter, but after thinking about it, it takes excess strain off the striker mechanism. The other thing that's a little annoying is that the flame is virtually invisible and it's HOT! That makes touchups really difficult. Before I knew what was happening, I had scorched a huge section of the wrapper. So I'd recommend keeping a single torch handy for toasting and correcting the occasional runs. Other than these minor things, this lighter get s 9/10 from me! Grab a couple while they're on sale. They'll make a great gift for you or your stogie smoker.
Jack G in Buffalo, NY August 4, 2011