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JM's Dominican Reviews

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JM's Dominican Churchill
"Good everyday smoke"
I was surprised to see vendor made punch hole in cigar, awaiting low-end construction and bad draw, but everything was ok, during the smoke. Cigar draws well, perhaps little bit looser, than I like, but it was not an issue. First third was a bit tasteless, but during a smoke, stick blooms in complexity, reaching its top at the last third. This stick is not something outstanding, and is a good everyday smoke, especially the morning smoke. If you order a 50-box, be ready, that in the first week it will suck up the humidifier in your humidor.
Ruben in Yerevan, Armenia May 7, 2014
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Excellent smoke, So Glad I was Introduced."
Very satisfying smoke; have tried much more expensive cigars and not had the same excellent experience. No one could be disappointed.
Carl in Florence, OR December 18, 2013
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Very disapointed"
Purchased a five pack based on reviews. Smoked two, tried a third and tossed the last two into the trash as I could not give them away in good conscience. Pre-punched ends makes you wonder if they are really hand made.
William in Minnesota July 10, 2013
JM's Dominican Robusto
Very strong . Good draw. Even burn. 87.
Mark Napier in Hollywood June 26, 2013
JM's Dominican Churchill
"My Favorite"
Great Cigar The price is as good as the taste
John in Glendale Ca. June 6, 2013
JM's Dominican Toro
"Not too shabby."
After countless times tripping over boxes of these at my local shop (yes they keep these on the floor) I finally decides to pick a few up. At under 3 dollars a piece how could I not. I've had two so far and honestly. It's one of the better value line sticks I've had. Paired with a nice cup of coffee it's good. The draw, burn, and construction are very good. I mean excellent. However, the flavor profile is very one dimensional and kind of bland. The first one I had was bland and eh until about halfway through it became spicy and peaked my interest. And second one stayed bland the whole way through. With all this being said. If you are looking for a stick to relax with real quick with a cup of coffee or scotch and don't want to burn a premium stick this is it. Very good for 3 dollars.
Tony P in California February 8, 2013
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Great smooth flavorful smoke, easy draw."
This was one of the most pleasant surprises of the year for me. I ordered a 5 pack sampler and just tried to order a box but not available, hopefully this is temporary. I fly fish and this is a perfect cigar for that. The length is perfect for the fishing part, the draw is easy, the burn is amazing no runs at all stayed lit all the way. smoked it to about an inch and a half still loads of flavor. Medium full body. This will be a standard order for me.
Barry in Napa Valley December 15, 2012
JM's Dominican Toro
"Great cigar."
Full of flavor, great burn. Easy draw. 50 to a box - what a deal......
Bobby in Niles November 11, 2012
JM's Dominican Churchill
"great burn, not much flavor"
Not one bad burn after more than a dozen. the consruction is good. the flavor is flat, not much to it. over all a decent mild smoke.
Bobby in Niles November 11, 2012 September 30, 2012
JM's Dominican Churchill
"I like em! Smooth taste. Great everyday smoker."
I like em! Smooth taste. Great VALUE. Excellent for a everyday smoker. I like the pre-punch. Overall a great smoke at a reasonable price.
Chuck in Indiana, USA July 27, 2012
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