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JM's Dominican Reviews

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JM's Dominican Churchill
"Not bad at all"
the taste is sure lower than premium one but I could handle this taste compare to its price. not bad for everyday smoke !!
Gabriel in LA November 7, 2009
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Great buy for the bread"
I first tried this cigar when i went into a local cigar joint in suburban indianapolis. i figured for the price, what could i lose besides a $1.50? i was astounded by the price just as much as i was the flavor of this guy. so once i got home, i immediately ordered a box of fifty. i have went through approximately half of the box and i have yet to find a bad one. the burn is always even. the flavor is comparable to a macanudo and at a tenth of the price. i have yet to have one fall apart towards the nub. all in all, this stogie is a perfect everyday smoke and great with a cup of coffee. im smoking one now as i write this review. cheers and happy smoking.
Mike M. in Ponca City, OK August 11, 2009
JM's Dominican Robusto
"My everyday smoke"
I received a box of JM's for Christmas 2002. I've been smoking them ever since. I like the pre-punch. The burn is straight. The taste is always good. I rate them a medium plus strong. I usually drink a cup of Columbian coffee when I smoke. Great cigar for the price.
Johnerad in Michigan May 20, 2009
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Great Cigar for the price"
I've smoked the Robusto and the Churchill in Maduro and Natural. Both are great. I just ordered a couple hundred more of these. Well constructed, burn evenly, and very nice flavor. Caan't believe the price!
R.Cole in San Marcos, CA April 25, 2009
JM's Dominican Gordo
Great Cigar this cigar when i first tried it i thought was going to sell for a much higher price i suggest this to the new and experienced cigar smoker
Zach in Los Angeles CA June 4, 2008
JM's Dominican Gordo
"Good Cigar For a Good Price"
These cigars are a good buy for the flavor. Great For people just getting started
Zach in California May 27, 2008
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Best Value Cigar Available"
First, let me say that the Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully is my favorite cigar. I always have some of these in my humidor. But when I want to fill up the rest of my humidor with the best value cigar available, that I believe comes close to the Bully, I choose the JM's Dominican Robusto. This cigar is easily the best value cigar out there! The wrapper is moist, the burn is incredibly even, and I have never found a bad one yet. So, if you are like me and have a 100 cigar humidor, stick a box of 50 of these in there and then add your other favorites. This pre-punched cigar is great to bring places that a punch or cutter would be inconvenient, or to share with friends. At the price, you even don't feel guilty only getting to smoke half of it, though the whole cigar is well worth the time! This cigar is now even a staple for my friends that I have shared with.
Jim in Indianapolis, IN April 12, 2008
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Cheap, good, what else can I ask for? Go on sale!"
Hey FSS, put these cigars on sale. They are excellent. This maduro cigar is everything I can ask for in a maduro cigar: smooth, sweet, medium in flavor and strength, and consistent.
Metalbass in Detroit, IN October 16, 2007
JM's Dominican Robusto
"Great cigar"
Very good cigar. The quality surprised me. I've spent more money on less tasting cigars.
Terry in California September 2, 2007
JM's Dominican Gordo
"Decent smoke for the price."
This cigar has a lot of good things going for it. I would only suggest that it be made in the 62 ring size as advertised. It's not even close.
Roger Dixon in California July 25, 2007
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