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JM's Dominican Corojo Reviews

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JM's Dominican Corojo Toro
Purchased a 5 pack of these along with a Tabamex 5 pack and after smoking the first one threw the rest in the trash. These cigars literally have dirt chunks in them as well as stuck on the tobacco wrapper. Terrible burn,flavor and construction when I wasnt spitting dirt out. Total waste of money. As good as the Tabamex sticks were was as bad as these are. Dont waste you money on these there are great budget sticks out there at the same price point.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida February 2, 2015
JM's Dominican Corojo Toro
"Mixed filler disappointment"
Got a couple of these in a sampler and they seemed pretty good. Went and bought a box of 50 and they seemed like a different cigar. Smoked a couple out of the box, and as I was smoking, I kept getting these bits of tobbacco coming out the end. I unwrapped what was left and surprise... a mixed filler cigar. Little frosty over that because they re advertised as long filler. All in all they re not the worst cigars around... but certainly nothing I d pay more than a dollar each for. At the price Famous is asking, better options are available.
Jake the Muss in Cleveland, OH August 8, 2014
JM's Dominican Corojo Gordo
"Pretty darn good"
First off the only thing bad I have to say, is that when I ordered these smokes it was setup as a box of 50. Marketing error, and they just refunded me the amount difference from the 50 count Robustos. They are well constructed, with a nice smell, and a hardy smoke. The draw is super smooth, and a nice kicker is they are pre-punched already. So no need to worry about cracking the cap doing it yourself. The taste is nice and mild with a slight taste of spice to me. As for the full ride you get the normal cap loosening on any cigar you punch instead of cut. Of the three I ve smoked so far one has canoed slightly. Otherwise they ve been great even burns. As a new cigar I m very pleased with these babies. My only negative marks is the marketing mixup. While great, they are not worth the full price just for a 24 count box. Especially when it s supposedly a cigar for the smoker on a tighter budget. If the others are of the same taste and construction then go for the 50 counts on them.
James in Hattiesburg, Ms August 3, 2014
JM's Dominican Corojo Robusto
"Loved Them, Worth Much More."
I tried these after the Sumatras, and very glad I did. It was totally satisfying and rich, with that hint of spice. Another box is on the way.
Carl in Oregon coast December 18, 2013
JM's Dominican Corojo Churchill
"Great daily smoke - rises above the rest!"
My new favorite daily smoke! About halfway through the box, but for the price these sticks are winners. The outside Corojo wrapper is very spicy and I was worried at first that it would overwhelm the flavor, but it didn't happen. After you get this baby burning, you are smooth sailing!
Aaron in Tacoma June 8, 2012
JM's Dominican Corojo Churchill
"OK Golf Cigar"
Just finishing up a box of 50. Held them in the humidor for 45 days and started smoking. Decent taste but a lot of problems staying lit once the stick was half-finished. The Dominician is a better cigar in my opinion.
Ron in San Antonio April 6, 2012
JM's Dominican Corojo Churchill
"A decent value daily burner"
I have tried a lot of lower end cigars and this one is the one I will continue to buy for daily burners as of now. Will probably try the other JM's but this is a keeper.
Steve in Monroe, MI December 8, 2011
JM's Dominican Corojo Churchill
"Great Every Day Smoke"
A nice tasty pleasant every day smoke. It has a great flavor a bit of spiciness, good consistancy, even burn.
DukeFord57 in Orchard Mines, IL October 4, 2011
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