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"Excellent smoke, So Glad I was Introduced."
Very satisfying smoke; have tried much more expensive cigars and not had the same excellent experience. No one could be disappointed.
Carl in Florence, OR December 18, 2013
"Not Great!"
I realized when I bought this that it was a value line cigar, but I was hoping for better. The taste and the burn were horrible, I won't be trying this again.
Michael S in Reno February 12, 2012
"Best taste quality\price cigar I've had in Russia"
First of all, it's not Moscow here so there are just 4 tobacco shops that sell cigars in our 600 thousand city. The brand range is limited, too. We (me and my colleague) most often smoke like once every 1-2 weeks when we have free cash and are in the mood. In 2 years we smoked most of the locally available variety. Once I saw this cigar 2x cheaper than a common Junior Corona Romeo y Julieta I decided to buy it. What can I say.... It's just the best of the available variety here! Smooth and middle draw, consistency in shape, density and taste, noble see-foam-like ash (I believe snow-white ash is a mark of a fine cigar). It DOES need a minute to develop the taste. The first 1\3, when smoked with some fine brandy is creamy and sweet, the second being more on the woody\earthy\still sweet side like cocoa\wood\potato\grassroots mixing, with the last 1\3 more of wood\sea-rope\spices side, though spices and wood\earth notes remain till the end. The most funny and pleasant thing is - this baby DOESN'T burn till the very end. Hopefully, the price will not increase and there will be a supply of them in our local shops!
Alex in Russia-NOT Moscow, that counts February 21, 2011
I'm on the fence with this one. I typically smoke maduros but the local shop had none of the JM's. I decide to try one of the "naturals" after seeing the rating. Not that it was terrible, but I somehow was expecting more flavor. It was kinda harsh on lighting but did seem to mellow out after a few minutes. It just never went anywhere with flavor. Great appearance, burn, strong ash, just a bit boring. Gotta try a Maduro next.
MARK in CARY, IL February 16, 2010
"Great buy for the bread"
I first tried this cigar when i went into a local cigar joint in suburban indianapolis. i figured for the price, what could i lose besides a $1.50? i was astounded by the price just as much as i was the flavor of this guy. so once i got home, i immediately ordered a box of fifty. i have went through approximately half of the box and i have yet to find a bad one. the burn is always even. the flavor is comparable to a macanudo and at a tenth of the price. i have yet to have one fall apart towards the nub. all in all, this stogie is a perfect everyday smoke and great with a cup of coffee. im smoking one now as i write this review. cheers and happy smoking.
Mike M. in Ponca City, OK August 11, 2009
"My everyday smoke"
I received a box of JM's for Christmas 2002. I've been smoking them ever since. I like the pre-punch. The burn is straight. The taste is always good. I rate them a medium plus strong. I usually drink a cup of Columbian coffee when I smoke. Great cigar for the price.
Johnerad in Michigan May 20, 2009
"Best Value Cigar Available"
First, let me say that the Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully is my favorite cigar. I always have some of these in my humidor. But when I want to fill up the rest of my humidor with the best value cigar available, that I believe comes close to the Bully, I choose the JM's Dominican Robusto. This cigar is easily the best value cigar out there! The wrapper is moist, the burn is incredibly even, and I have never found a bad one yet. So, if you are like me and have a 100 cigar humidor, stick a box of 50 of these in there and then add your other favorites. This pre-punched cigar is great to bring places that a punch or cutter would be inconvenient, or to share with friends. At the price, you even don't feel guilty only getting to smoke half of it, though the whole cigar is well worth the time! This cigar is now even a staple for my friends that I have shared with.
Jim in Indianapolis, IN April 12, 2008
"Great cigar"
Very good cigar. The quality surprised me. I've spent more money on less tasting cigars.
Terry in California September 2, 2007
""great cigar""
Great smoke,alot of character for a inexpensive smoke.I found they only get better with age in cedar at 70%.Why pay more money when you can have a great cigar for a dollar and change!
Michael in Fort Lauderdale December 26, 2006
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10 Taste (81) 100
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10 Construction (84) 100
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