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Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Assortment Reviews [view details]

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Usually smoke dark maduros: Partagas Black 6x50s, LGC Serie N Gloriosos, &c. Got this sampler maybe a week or two ago; naked right into the humidor, but couldn't resist trying just one last night...maybe the little skinny one, the Machito, cause it's cold outside...and BAM! Blew me away (also left me a bit green!)! Incredible tasting Nicaraguan tabacco, peppery, earthy, and after an inch some vanilla ice cream joined the mix & became part of the background. Left me overwhelmed, so I'm letting the rest rest for a few months, because the others are HUGE & this was just an itty-bitty spliff... come to think of it, I've dated women like this, so I shouldn't be surprised, I guess. Four stars.
Barak in Tel Aviv February 24, 2012
"Not for the TIMID"
Websters,Timid: 1. lacking in self-assurance, courage, or bravery; This is the real deal boys & girls, I love'um, vary smooth and flavorful, however smoke it to fast and you will pay for it. This is a great cigar
King David in So.Cal. November 29, 2008
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