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Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Reviews

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Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Alisado
"A benchmark"
This is a smoke I've enjoyed for years and I can't say enough about it. To me, it's one of those cigars that is simply classic. Spicy, rich smoke. Grows increasingly complex with age. Rolled beautifully. Perfect balance.
Lenape in New York October 17, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Alisado
Great Cigar. A very smooth flavorable smoke. Didnt want the cigar to end. Smoked all the way down till I couldn't hold it anymore. There will always be some of these in my humidor.
SD in Long Island July 20, 2012
Joya De Nic Antano 1970 Robusto Grande
"Full flavored perfection"
The Antano is truly a beautiful smoke. It's a full flavored wonder, never harsh, touch of sweetness. Let 'em sit in the humi and they just get better. If you love Newcastle beer do yourself a favor and pair it up with this smoke, preferably after a hearty meal. This is how tobacco was meant to be enjoyed!!
John in Lexington, SC July 16, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Gran Consul
"Perfect Smoke"
I really love these cigars. I first picked a couple up in a sample and thought wow, what a find. Ended up with a second sampler that had them, and again thought wow. I picked up a box and shared a few with the guys, the results were all the same, wow, what a great cigar! I will always keep a bunch of these guys in my humidor.
Emmet in Indianapolis May 31, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Gran Consul
"Smooth-Rich-Powerful Smoke"
I truly enjoyed this cigar from beginning to end. It began with a smooth sweet smoke that may have brought fruit to mind...progressed into coffee-cream and a bit of cedar and ended as substantial but smooth-creamy powerful tabacco. I have a number of cigars that I am quite fond of but this one jumped somewhere in the top three...a few more might bring it to #1. I've heard a lot of smokers comment on it that it is too strong, strong it is but such a smooth, sweet smoke beginning to end, I would highly recommend this cigar to all but perhaps beginners or those who prefer mild-medium smokes.
Scott in Montana May 17, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Gran Consul
"Good Cigar - but i'm with the "oh boya" guy"
Enjoyed this cigar although it was hard to keep lit and didnt have the greatest burn. Flavor was good - spicy full body and relatively strong tobacco. But 94 may be stretching it. Smoked a kristoff ligero maduro 2 days later and THAT is a 94 cigar to me. But everyone has different taste. This is a good smoke, no doubt, but i'm 5 and done.
db in PA May 11, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Gran Consul
I have smoked about 15 of these and every one is fantastic! I have never had an opus xx but it had better be really good to compete.
John in Iowa April 13, 2012
Joya De Nic Antano 1970 Robusto Grande
"Nice Size"
A good smoke, full power and solid tobacco flavors. And I really enjoy the 5.5 inch. Gives you an extra 10 min smoke over a traditional robusto size.
Chris in Oregon March 28, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Belicoso
"Not only a Fantastic cigar, but the best ..."
... cigar you can bid on! Keep your Cubans, keep your Opus X's, keep your Padron 1926's, you can keep them all! Joya de Nicaragua is the best cigar on the planet hands down! The burn, the consistancy, the taste and the construction is flawless. If you like full bodied cigars, these are the ones to buy. Buy a box, keep it in your humidor, and take one out in 6 months, and get ready to be blown away! Even my wife loves the aroma! Now that's really saying something!
Marc P in Boston, MA March 24, 2012
Antano 1970 Magnum
"Not Impressed!"
Maybe it's because i had this stick on an empty stomach but man....did she give me a head buxx! I'm a seasoned smoker and i found these too full bodied to acompany the flavour. Construction was great. The draw was lack luster and the flavor of the cigar changed constantly. I would get 2 or 3 draws were it wuld start to open up and than...wham, it would go back to full bodies pine. I wont be buying anymore.
Paulo in Canada February 25, 2012
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