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Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Consul Reviews [view details]

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"I have to buy More The Best"
I bought a pack of these and I gave a rave review. I have come home three days in a row and reached in to the Nicaraguan Humidor immediately for one of these. They are just so good that I cant get enough. None left time to order!
Panther in Melbourne Australia April 24, 2014
"Great lil Smoke"
This is the second JdN I have tried the first was extremely good and although this cigar is not as strong it lacks nothing. It is one of the best cigars I have enjoyed lately. Good solid construction and consistency extremely good wrapper and colour a very good looking cigar. I really enjoyed the flavour of this cigar. Good V cut and purge easy draw from beginning to end with perfect even burn no relighting required. The ash stayed way down to the JdN label with a solid tight silver and black ash stack. Nice smoke I really enjoyed this cigar and will buy more and looking forward to trying other JdN cigars next. I will also try the bigger ring gauge is this range
Panther in Melbourne Australia April 18, 2014
"Perfect Cigar"
Very well made. Burns nicely. Smells of wood, coffee and lots of spice. My 1st ever box of 20 and yes I will by lots more. It's such a chill cigar you will love it .
Raul Colon in Chicago August 7, 2013
"The flavor of this cigar is nuts"
Hazel nuts to be exact. This tasted just like hazel nut coffee, but without the sickly sweet taste. Nice peppery finish. Fantastic cigar. Too bad you can't get them for less than $2 - I'd smoke them every day.
Healfdeane in Bristow, VA April 4, 2011
"Great cigar for a great price"
Joya de Nicaragua was once the most recognizable brand to come out of Nicaragua. With smokes like these, it's no wonder that they're still highly respected among avid smokers. This blend offers a balanced assortment of sweets and spices without being overpowering. That's not to say, however, that this isn't a powerful cigar. It's certainly a full-bodied smoke, but enjoyable all the way through. Highly recommended.
Ryan in Maryland January 29, 2011
"Too good"
Since there was a line up of the usual characters waiting for a haircut, I asked the barber if I could take the folding chair outside in the fresh air ... (so I could fire up the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Consul burning up my pocket). As I got into it, I started to care less about the haircut, and more about enjoying this fine intense flavorful cigar along with a cup of that new/old Starbucks coffee (Pike Place brew). I was not interested in leaving that behind when my name was to be called. After getting my money's worth, I'm sure when I brought the chair back in and told the barber I'd have to try again tomorrow, he was probably wondering why I was smiling and not frowning ... that I had to wait so long and still didn't get my hair cut.
S.P. in Northern Virginia April 11, 2008
"perfect cigar for a quick and pleasing smoke"
Very well made burns perfectly and packed with loads of flavors such as deep wood coffee and lots of spice.
Charles Autrey in AL August 27, 2007
"Best Nic Ever!"
I am normally not a fan of Nicaraguan cigars, but the Antano is one big, fat exception. It doesn't have the bitter, earthy aftertaste that I've experienced with the CAOs and other Nicaraguan smokes, but is rather sweet, spicy and powerful all at the same time. I am with the other reviewers who are praying that the great price for a box of these doesn't change.
Mike M. in Minneapolis May 3, 2005
"Nice....VERY Nice!!"
Lit one of these bad boys up...man, it's spicy! After about 3/4 of an inch it settled down and WOW- what a taste! I had to cut it short because of family obligations, but immediately went out and got another one. If you can handle a man's cigar, this one will blow your socks off with taste. Hint: punch this one, don't cut ;)
TuckyChucky in Kentucky January 22, 2005
Truly...if you've ever had expectations of a cigar being everything you'd desire it to be-as well as it claims-this is it! Rich, full, incredibly flavorful and undoubtably one of the finest cigars delivering on every level! If your somewhat of an afficianado, you'll discover that this cigar is very much like a woman-complex, rich, filled with flavor and if your not careful...it/she can be a bit much. So be prepared.
M.Lesleah in California March 17, 2004
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10 Burn (87) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (88) 100
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10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
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