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Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Gran Consul Reviews [view details]

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"Heavy Hitter!"
I tried one about a week after receiving a five-pack. The flavor was phenomenal, but I kept having to take breaks -- it's got an enormous nicotine punch. The rest have been in the humidor for 3 months, and I look forward to trying another.
Ben in MA May 5, 2011
"Great cigar after humi time"
The 1st one I had almost knocked me out . After that I let it rest for about 6 months and boy what a difference . One of the top 5 cigars for me .
David Maben in Plymouth Mi . April 27, 2011
"Wow great smoke"
Read the reviews and ordered a 5 pack to give them a shot. I am very impressed by this one. This may move into my top 10 I will be getting a few boxes.
Zach S in Ventura April 5, 2011
One of my favorites....after one smoke!!!
Sonny in Melbourne, FL March 4, 2011
This is a great cigar. I used to smoke cain f's but this stick is taster & thicker. For real cigar smoker's.
joe palmisano in chicago il February 23, 2011
"A nice dirty taste."
Medium-Full in strength I would say, the flavor is nice and "of the soil" . Not as flavorful or punchy as a Fam. Nic 3000, but it didn't fall apart like some of the 3000s do! Good aroma. A bit of a hard draw for a while. Ended well. Too thick.
in September 3, 2010
"One of my favorites"
What an awesome smoke. This is my favorite size of the line. For a point of reference, I smoke Camacho Triple Maduros, Camacho Selects, AB Maxx, CAO Sopranos, Torano Virtuosos and Exudus 1959 Silvers. The flavor is full and complex, and the body is all there. The build and appearance are flawless. Bravo!
Colby H in Upstate NY January 7, 2010
"Not For Whimps!"
If you think you've graduated to "big boy" cigars this stick is your final exam. Take the advice of other reviewers and put something in your stomach before firing up. I consider myself an experienced smoker and keep mainly med-full to full bodied cigars in my stock of 300-400, of which I enjoy 2-3 a day. The Gran Consul is a superbly strong, well made, and flavorful cigar and has earned permanent placement in my humidors.
John in Texas April 2, 2008
The increased width of this size allows for more filler and results in an incredible smoking experience. While strong in body, the flavor is exceptional.
Ben T. in Tulsa, Oklahoma July 23, 2007
This is the only cigar to ever make me physically sick. While it didn't quite make me vomit, I was nauseated and visibly shakey. I only smoked 2/3 or so of the cigar, which didn't seem to be so rough until 5 or 10 minutes after I put the cigar out. HOWEVER, it is a very beautiful, delicious, well-constructed cigar. I was ready to order a box of them until it kicked my butt. Be prepared for some heavy nicotine effects, but it is almost worth it for this fabulous cigar. Just take it easy and don't rush this one...
Cigar Smoker 4023 in Northport, Al October 1, 2006
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