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Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Gran Consul Reviews [view details]

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"A let down"
I don t know if it s my palate or if the 5-pack I got from the Monster is just too old [as it has been the case with other recent purchases], but this was disappointing. Showed hints of molasses at the foot and on the cold draw, but then the smoke started harsh, with dark, almost charred tobacco flavors. Got more smooth on the second third but was still one-dimensional and lacking in flavor; was at its most engaging during the last third. Ash was a little flaky too. On the upside, the full-bodied tobacco paired really nicely with the Lagavulin scotch. Fortunately Famous will let me return the remaining sticks for a credit.
Stefan in City by the Bay March 8, 2014
Decent. Nothing over the top!y I would probably buy again for the right price.
Michael in Iowa November 25, 2013
"Most Improved Award"
If there were an award for most improved over time this would be it!Terrible fresh outa the wrapper, but in the humi at 72% for 4-6 months - one of the best ever - Great construction, burn %26 packed with tobacco. Like a great bourbon, just gets better with age.Let em sit, then you can thank me later.
Tom Foster in NC June 19, 2013
"All is well that ends well"
Let these rest a bit and you ll enjoy a 90+ treat of smooth rich smoke with a knockout finish.
Mike in G May 15, 2013
I'm sorry, but no way was this full-bodied. It was pretty but weak and almost tasteless. This was not the Joya De Nicaragua I remember.
John H in Nevada May 10, 2013
"Great cigar with lots of taste"
Great cigar with great taste, oily and rich. Love it.
Sherif in Morganville, NJ April 2, 2013
"Maybe a bad batch?"
All of the cigars came unraveled half way through and were difficult to keep lit. Rough draw also. Very disapointed.
Matthew in TN January 25, 2013
"These Won't Last"
I saw these on the mashup last weekend and ended up trying 5 because the price was right and the reviews were good. today I fired the first one up and I was pleasantly surprised. The size and shape were nice. Perfect construction with a deep mahogany color. Draw was also perfect and when I fired it up I got tons of blue smoke and a rich full sweet tobacco flavor that lasted all the way through. I've been lucky enough to smoke a couple Opus X and while not quite as good I have to say this is one of the better full body smokes I have had. These are not going to last in my humi so I'll be getting more of these beauties so I don't run out. It's a great smoke at a surprisingly good price.
Mark in Memphis in Tennessee November 17, 2012
"Perfect Smoke"
I really love these cigars. I first picked a couple up in a sample and thought wow, what a find. Ended up with a second sampler that had them, and again thought wow. I picked up a box and shared a few with the guys, the results were all the same, wow, what a great cigar! I will always keep a bunch of these guys in my humidor.
Emmet in Indianapolis May 31, 2012
"Smooth-Rich-Powerful Smoke"
I truly enjoyed this cigar from beginning to end. It began with a smooth sweet smoke that may have brought fruit to mind...progressed into coffee-cream and a bit of cedar and ended as substantial but smooth-creamy powerful tabacco. I have a number of cigars that I am quite fond of but this one jumped somewhere in the top three...a few more might bring it to #1. I've heard a lot of smokers comment on it that it is too strong, strong it is but such a smooth, sweet smoke beginning to end, I would highly recommend this cigar to all but perhaps beginners or those who prefer mild-medium smokes.
Scott in Montana May 17, 2012
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10 Construction (94) 100
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