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Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Reviews

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Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo Pesadilla
"Great Cigar"
Waited a very long time to get my hands on a Joya de Nicaragua. This cigar is pure perfection. Great construction and consistency. A great looking cigar, cut and purge perfect. Light and draw perfect. Tight ash pack with silver and black ash with lots of luscious smoke and nice plume. This cigar feels great in the hand with a nice flavour. They don’t come much better than this. In fact I am on my second whilst writing this. Well worth the wait.
Panther in Melbourne Australia April 16, 2014
Joya De Nicaragua Dark Corojo La Niveladora
This is what I would expect to find in God's ashtray. On a one to ten scale, this comes in at eleven. Even better than JDN s other offerings. A real taste sensation. My absolute favorite. I've got some Martillos on the way.
Hamm in Pittsburgh January 1, 2014
Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo El Martillo
"always a great smoke"
This is one of my favorite smokes.full bodied? Absolutely! Flavorful? absolutely! Spicy with some sweetness, great consistency from box to box. Great construction. A in your face smoke, never disappointed smoking one of these.
mike in michigan October 6, 2013
Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo Azarosa
"Smooth as Silk"
This cigar is so smooth. The burn is fantastic. I would recommend this smoke to anyone. One of my very favorites.
Gary B. in Milwaukee, Wi September 2, 2013
Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Pesadilla
"deceptively powerful"
watch out! starts medium, great corojo taste, builds to the middle, and by then you should consider putting it down. you will feel this one in your gut. fully packed, firm, strong in effect more than on the palate. get into this one and finish it, and you will know what power is about! save for after garlic meatballs or steak au poive. if you smoke four or five cigars per day, one of these in your rotation will cut that total to two or three. the most satisfying cigar i have ever smoked.
ds in oregon December 6, 2012
Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo Azarosa
This size is the best of the line. Creamy, rich, spicy-sweet smoke that despite it's heavy potency, doesn't get bitter or overpower (better with age of course). Probably the first and only cigar smoke my family ever remarked on positively as well! While not an everyday smoke, I LOVE them. Always need a few in the humi.
Lenape in New York October 17, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Dark Corojo La Niveladora
"Give Yourself 2 Glorious Hours"
I’ve smoked Nat Sherman’s that went up inside of 30 minutes and other highly-touted brands that had to be relit every 5 minutes. This cig is long on flavor and even longer on burn. Grab a single malt, turn off the iphone and sit back, because this is a two-hour experience. An hour and a half into this cig, you’ll still be an inch from the band. Simply fantastic.
MG in NYC August 6, 2012
Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo El Martillo
"This cigar is awesome."
Had one yesterday at Smokey Joe's in Fife WA. Was very impressed with it. Full bodied well constructed and very flavorful. Bought another one to take home. Very enjoyable cigar.
Randy in Tacoma WA April 1, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo La Niveladora
"JDN Dark Corojo es muy MACHO!"
This is one bad a$$ stick! It doesn't sacrafice flavor or balance in any way and that's pretty hard to do. I really liked the comment about the guy that said to pass on the over priced Tatuajes. This cigar is one of the best there is at any price.
Johnny V in Studio City March 7, 2012
Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo Pesadilla
"Great start middle and end!"
This is a GREAT cigar!! tried it for the first time at a cigar bar in Easton, if you like a tasty cigar please try this on!!!
Steven in PA February 25, 2012
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