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Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie Reviews

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Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 11
"For women looking for a medium-bodied cigar"
Flavors of cafe au lait on the palate which went well with a White Russian. After a disappointing encounter with the Antano I ve now lost my interest in the Joya de Nicaragua stogies as I find them too one-dimensional.
Stefan in City by the Bay April 6, 2014
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 7
"Nice look, Good smoke"
This two tone wrapper makes the cigar stand out in the humi. It has a mild flavor, and nice draw. All around good smoke.
Big Zac in Polk County FL January 16, 2014
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 7 5 Pack
"Surprisingly good smoke"
Suprisingly good smoke, consistently good construction. The two-tone wrapper is attractive and always generates conversation with fellow BOTLs. Flavor is medium to medium-full with leather, vanilla, and pepper.
Simon in NC December 23, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 2
"One of My Favorites"
I've come to appreciate the entire Joya De Nicaragua line since being given an Antano 1970 Gran Consul some years back, but this tops my Hit Parade. Full flavored from the first draw, the wrapper goes from a light Conn. looking thing at the foot, becoming dark at the end for a spicy finish. Not exactly a 'knee-knocker', but plenty of tase and body, I'm bidding on my third box as I write this.
Bill in Pennsylvania December 14, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 2
"My New Favorite"
I've been a Joya De Nicaragua fan for a few years, being turned on to a Joya De Nicaragua Gran Consul by my nephew. I've scored a number of different boxes at auction, and this is my new fav. The Joya De Nicaragua Anton 1970 line is a real full bodied smoke, this stick is 'milder' only by comparison. A good, smooth start, flavor building throughout with spice at the finish and nearly always a perfect circle all the way to the end. Keep a roach clip handy, you won't want to toss this one.
BillFromPA in Pa September 5, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 11
"Perfect balance."
Smooth, creamy and bright connecticut with a subtle undertone of spice. Tastes like a walk through a sunny field. I look forward to trying the Belicoso next time around.. indeed, there will be a next time around.
Lenni in New York, NY July 25, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 7
"A nice, mild smoke"
A very nice, mild Connecticut. I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor and aroma. Burn was slow and consistent, and draw was easy.
Tony in San Jose, CA May 15, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 2
Very, Very nice. Mellow but flavorful throughout. The last couple inches does get stronger, but the flavor gets better and better. I was very impressed. If you don't like medium/full flavor cigars, the finish will turn you off. But if you do, then you're in for a great surprise. Perfect burn, perfect draw, looks great and constructed flawlessly.
slainte in Ca February 9, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 4
"a new med body favorite"
this stick was given to me by a friend. I dont smoke joyas other cigars because they are too full bodied for me. I thought this was the sweetest, sweet like natually sweet, that I have ever smoked. I loved it ,an instant favorite,so much so that I went to the fancy smoke shop and bought an entire box so I could smoke some. That says alot about this cigar! I usually am aiways a single cherry picker of this and that at the cigar store here and rarly buy more than a handful. ash it often was messy,but Nice
claygo in verona wi. January 22, 2012
Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 4
"Not what I was hoping for."
I guess if I had to sum it up in one work, I would say "ok". I'm a huge fan of the JdN line from Drew. I love the Celebracions and the Antano 1970, so I thought how could they fail with a series called Cabinetta. Well, I won't say they failed, but I think they did miss the mark. The first part of the cigar was pretty nice and smoked well, but getting down to the last couple of inches prove to be a little harsh. I usually like to smoke the other JdN almost to the nub, until I burn my fingers. I find myself stoping at the band, actually, before the band. Of course this is just my taste, you may have a different opinion. I do hope that this was of some help. Enjoy!
Felix the Cat...Aka Rob in Tustin, Ca August 10, 2011
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