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Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No. 4 Reviews [view details]

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"a new med body favorite"
this stick was given to me by a friend. I dont smoke joyas other cigars because they are too full bodied for me. I thought this was the sweetest, sweet like natually sweet, that I have ever smoked. I loved it ,an instant favorite,so much so that I went to the fancy smoke shop and bought an entire box so I could smoke some. That says alot about this cigar! I usually am aiways a single cherry picker of this and that at the cigar store here and rarly buy more than a handful. ash it often was messy,but Nice
claygo in verona wi. January 22, 2012
"Not what I was hoping for."
I guess if I had to sum it up in one work, I would say "ok". I'm a huge fan of the JdN line from Drew. I love the Celebracions and the Antano 1970, so I thought how could they fail with a series called Cabinetta. Well, I won't say they failed, but I think they did miss the mark. The first part of the cigar was pretty nice and smoked well, but getting down to the last couple of inches prove to be a little harsh. I usually like to smoke the other JdN almost to the nub, until I burn my fingers. I find myself stoping at the band, actually, before the band. Of course this is just my taste, you may have a different opinion. I do hope that this was of some help. Enjoy!
Felix the Cat...Aka Rob in Tustin, Ca August 10, 2011
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