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Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Reviews

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Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Corona
"Couldn't keep lit"
In order to provide consistent reviews of what will hopefully be a lot of cigars, I have adopted this rating format. 1. Construction. Cigar arrived in good condition and was placed in a humidor @70% for a week. Cigar feels spongy, loose. 2. Aroma. Excellent moderate spicy aroma. 3. Burn/Draw. Very disappointing. A real fight to keep lit. I have been smoking cigars for 25+ years and this was the most trouble I’ve ever had. I smoked 3 of these and all had the same trouble. I intend to return the rest of the box. 4. Flavor. Wonderful moderate spicy flavor. 5. Value. If you can’t keep them lit, they aren’t worth much.
MaD dOG in Overland Park, KS October 10, 2007
Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Gordo
"This cigar taste like cotton candy"
This has to be the best tasting cigar that is not flavored on the market. I can go on about how good it is but why. I gave a buddy one from a freshly opened box. Less than 24 hours later he was begging for the name and location of this treat. If Joya can figure out how to make the draw a lil better thru out the cigar, Fidal Castro would tell you it's Cuban.
Lawyer guy in Houston August 31, 2007
Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Toro
I'm not one to smoke my cigars as soon as I get them,but after all i've read and heard I just had to try one. I'm a true believer in letting them spend time in the humidor a month or two before lighting one up.. My anticipation got the best of me. Truly a distictive and enjoyable cigar. More tameable than the Anton 1970's. I had no other choice but to add this cigar to my new rotation. For it's smooth, not overbearing, delightful, not harsh. An all around good 1 hour smoke. Joya de Nicaragua has a new best friend.Also, Famous you guys are the best. Looking foward to doing more business with you.
ANTHONY HOWARD in MA August 3, 2007
Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Consul
"One of my favorites"
A very special cigar. Smokes evenly and has a great flavor. On the lower priced side but I don't know why. It is superior to many higher priced sticks. I try and keep a box on hand at all times!
Steve in Phoenix, AZ June 6, 2007
Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Toro
"In my top 5 of cigars"
I love this cigar! If the Joyo De Nigcaragua Antono is too strong for you then try these. I have these set up as my regular shippment selection and I look forward to when they arrive. Strong, but not over powering. They burn well and don't get too hot. Very rarely do I get a bad or uneven roll. My favorite cigar of all time is the Cohiba Espendido La Habana, so these Joyo's are in great company.
Rob Lynch in CA January 27, 2007
Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Churchill
"Pleasently Surprised"
I won a box of Celebration Churchills at auction and after only two days in my humidor I lit one up. The first third of the cigar was peppery and I remember thinking I should have given this cigar more time in the humidor before smoking it. At the halfway point I began to experience a wonderful, almost Cuban flavor that continued until the cigar was just a nub. I regard this cigar to be a bargain and can't wait to see what a few more weeks of aging will bring forth.
Emanuel Lekas in California September 17, 2006
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