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Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Love This Cigar!"
A real surprise and a great cigar!
Denny in S.L.Tahoe, CA December 4, 2014
"You must have gotten a bad batch"
Miller, sorry that you had a bad experience with the JdNC. I have smoked these for years and they still hold up with the big boys. I have smoked both Davidoff and AVO and they too are good cigars, but I still look forward to smoking these any day of the week. But then again, it may come down to a matter of an individual taste. It could very well be that these do not suit your taste buds. So if my review of these lead you to dissapointment, I apologize. But I still contend that these are a great cigar and well worth the money.
Rob in Tustin Ranch, Ca January 29, 2010
"Did I receive a bad box . . . ."
Help, I have smoked great cigars for nearly 20 years, and in an attempt to try something new, I selected the Joya De Nicaragua based on the previous reviews. I have to admit, I was looking forward to trying this cigar . . . however I was completely disappointed, to the point that this cigar is now deemed the the least favorite cigar I have ever smoked. Nice presentation, fair burn and completely tasteless! Someone please tell me I received a bad box. What am I missing, and how could this cigar have received such high reviews, both by customers and the community at large. I routinely smoke AVO and Davidoff Cigars.
R. Miller in Kuwait November 16, 2009
A terrific smoke. It actually got better further down. A great buy.
Tom in Michigan March 18, 2008
I'm not one to smoke my cigars as soon as I get them,but after all i've read and heard I just had to try one. I'm a true believer in letting them spend time in the humidor a month or two before lighting one up.. My anticipation got the best of me. Truly a distictive and enjoyable cigar. More tameable than the Anton 1970's. I had no other choice but to add this cigar to my new rotation. For it's smooth, not overbearing, delightful, not harsh. An all around good 1 hour smoke. Joya de Nicaragua has a new best friend.Also, Famous you guys are the best. Looking foward to doing more business with you.
ANTHONY HOWARD in MA August 3, 2007
"In my top 5 of cigars"
I love this cigar! If the Joyo De Nigcaragua Antono is too strong for you then try these. I have these set up as my regular shippment selection and I look forward to when they arrive. Strong, but not over powering. They burn well and don't get too hot. Very rarely do I get a bad or uneven roll. My favorite cigar of all time is the Cohiba Espendido La Habana, so these Joyo's are in great company.
Rob Lynch in CA January 27, 2007
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10 Taste (90) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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