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Joya De Nicaragua Dark Corojo La Niveladora Reviews [view details]

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"A Great Aged Joya Puro"
A Nicaraguan power house! Enjoyed this cigar very much watching the sunrise on my way home from work and finishing it on my front patio. If you like a full bodied smoke without being overpowering then you will enjoy this one.
Roscoe767 in Foothills of NC February 12, 2015
"Dark Deliciously Good Smoke"
It was so very good. This stick has so many attributes. I do not think it an exaggeration to say wonderful and never overpowering. A smooth smoke with a hints of tobacco on the lite up that continue smooth into the 2nd half and TTN creamy and dreamy.
Mr. Blues in Central MN October 24, 2014
"Ages EXTREMELY well"
I bought a box of these about two and a half years ago. I smoked one of the last five I had left and WOW! This cigar has aged very well and developed into a cigar with bold dried plum, raisin, and cherry flavors. Let them rest if you can and you won t be disappointed at all!
Anders in Minnesota June 11, 2014
"Fantastic, can't get enough. Beautiful stick.."
Best enjoyed at the end of the day. Powerful is an understatement but sooo good. I have smoked many a cigar 3x the price and have not enjoyed them as much.
Matt in Louisville April 23, 2014
This is what I would expect to find in God's ashtray. On a one to ten scale, this comes in at eleven. Even better than JDN s other offerings. A real taste sensation. My absolute favorite. I've got some Martillos on the way.
Hamm in Pittsburgh January 1, 2014
"Give Yourself 2 Glorious Hours"
I’ve smoked Nat Sherman’s that went up inside of 30 minutes and other highly-touted brands that had to be relit every 5 minutes. This cig is long on flavor and even longer on burn. Grab a single malt, turn off the iphone and sit back, because this is a two-hour experience. An hour and a half into this cig, you’ll still be an inch from the band. Simply fantastic.
MG in NYC August 6, 2012
"Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy this beauty."
My son gave me one of these for Father's Day, and I enjoyed it so much I decided to go for a whole box. While not for the purveyor of light cigars, this is a dream when I have the time to relax and enjoy the full bodied taste, and slow, even burn, preferably with a glass of fine bourbon!
Keith in Milford, NH July 11, 2011
"The BEST!"
My favorite period! Like a fine cask strength whisky. It is full bodied, smooth and complex. Notes of dark unsweetened chocolate, espresso bean, spice, nuts. Amazing cigar at $9plus it is a better stick than those twice the price. The box pressed La Niveladora is best.
Clarke in Montgomery,AL May 19, 2011
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