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Juan Lopez Reviews

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Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2
"Outstanding construction but one-dimensional smoke"
Solid flavors of cocoa nibs throughout; gained more intensity at the end of the last third, but then it started burning really hot. 88 points [93 points for the construction, 86 points for the flavor]
Stefan in City by the Bay May 4, 2014
Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2
"Horrible smoke"
Bought it few months ago and smoked one after leave it in my winedor for about 2 months. Draw is tight, almost non-smokeable. Even after half point, draw still tight and did not produce much smoke. Wait for another 2 months and thought to give it another chance. Same that s why I give the consistency a 100 - tight draw, not much smoke. I throw it away right before the half point. I will wait for anther month and give it a final try.
Jerry H in N Cal February 27, 2014
Juan Lopez Epicure No. 1
This underrated cigar is a must for those who prefer coffee and spice! Easy draw, good construction and lots of flavor and smoke will make this choice a daily favorite of mine. I'm ordering 2 more boxes now!
Greg in Hattiesburg, Mississippi August 21, 2007
Juan Lopez Corona Gordas
"excellent full body cigar"
They are strong but not harsh. They need two weeks in the humidor and then they smoke even. The smaller ring helps with the draw. Excellent taste.
Bob Smith in CT June 27, 2007
Juan Lopez Epicure No. 1
"Very Nice Midday Smoke"
Have tried my first two over the past couple of weeks. Both produced very nice, almost creamy smokes with absolutely no harshness. I found the construction to be fine and it burned evenly through the first 2/3. Excellent deal at FSS box price.
Gregg in Concord, NH January 29, 2007
Juan Lopez Epicure No. 2
"Finally, a robusto that I like !"
Over the years I have continued my search for a satisfying rothschild or robusto size, to no avail. I have been looking for a short smoke with a stronger flavor without being harsh. This is the first one that has the same qualities that the longer cigars in the same brand contain. Try it, you'll like it.
Ken Sharkey in NY February 24, 2006
Juan Lopez Titanias
"Very Good Smoke"
I felt the Juan Lopez Titanias is a very good smoke. I will admit the construction is a little weak. This is a big cigar. The flavor changes through the entire smoke. Starts off mild and slowly cooks into somewhat strong. Half way through is when the undertones really start to kick. The undertones would be a complex woody & nutty flavor. This is a good cigar I don't know if it should have a 92 rating but still a good smoking experience. By the way its a 1 hour smoke and I only smoked it to the band.
Bruce Wayne in Gothem February 2, 2006
Juan Lopez Epicure No. 1
"Epicure # 1"
I was slightly disappointed in this cigar. It had a great aroma and taste, however it would not stay lit and several of them came apart. The construction was not what a "92" rating would indicate. Probably won't buy another box.
Leonard in Louisiana November 30, 2005
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