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Juan Y Ramon Reviews

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Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"not too shabby"
I am quite surprised, this cigar burns well and has decent smell and taste. This is not a premium cohiba or rocky Patel but for the price it is well worth it. . F.Y.I it has been in my humidor for about six months.
Caleb in Granby MO October 6, 2013
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Decent for the Price"
A decent cigar for the price. I bought a few and used them to share at a party so I wouldn't have to bust out any Gurkha or Cohiba cigars. Smokes fast, mild smoke, but gives you big quick draws.
Marcel Hillier in Michigan June 25, 2013
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Smooth and mild"
I'm no cigar expert, just an average guy who enjoys an occasional smoke. I ordered these to try something other than the White Owls from the drug store. I think they're great, smooth and mild. Very pleased.
Mark in Flossmoor May 10, 2013
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Worst cigar i have ever smoked."
Very disappointing. Not worth bothering with this lemon. Harsh, hard draw, not taste.
Louis in CT December 8, 2012
Juan Y Ramon Suave
"very good"
I have tried a lot of cigars and this is by far my favorite.
krystian in middletown c.t May 22, 2012
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Juan Y Ramon Rothschild"
A real gem flavorful and earthy a good smoke for a picnic or communing with nature.
Hunt in Ozark, Mo. May 7, 2012
Juan Y Ramon Suave
Where to begin??? The construction was mediocre at best. This looks like a machine rolled stick. At least 3 large veins, horrible seems, and a squishy spot at the head that made cutting difficult, and the band was glued to the wrapper. It's supposed to be a maduro, but doesn't look, smell, or taste like a maduro. Prelight flavor was bland and dusty and the draw was very light. Burn was acceptable until the ash dropped the first time, at a little over an inch, then went lopsided and tunneled. This was the only cigar I've ever seen that tunneled in 2 spots at the same time. Flavor remained bland and dusty with a strong ammonia flavor and was extremely harsh on the retrohale. This would have been about an hour smoke for me IF I could have suffered through it. I tried purging several times, but it didn't help, only made the cigar do an impression of a 4th of July sparkler (never had that happen before). After 30 minutes I couldn't take any more. The only other one from the 20 under $20 sampler that has been this bad so far was the Imperial.
Josh in Arkansas November 16, 2011
Juan Y Ramon Corona
"A good smoke"
I received a couple of these in a variety pack and I was pleasantly surprised. Nice smoke for the money.
Phil in Washington, DC October 5, 2011
Juan Y Ramon Corona
This cigar was a spring board for what could have been. The draw is for what I look for in a cigar but the construction was lack luster. I could see the adhesive on the wraper... the same wraper that came apart when three-quarters of the cigar was done. Still, it wasn't a bad cigar but not a good one.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. September 21, 2011
Juan Y Ramon Churchill
A decent mild cigar for the cheap price. Not as good as a montecristo by any means but compares somewhat.
Josesph m in texas September 21, 2011
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