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Juan Y Ramon Reviews

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Juan Y Ramon Churchill
Won these in an auction about a month ago. First one I tried was pretty bad, had a grassy taste. Gave them a month in the humidor and tried another today. These are actually worse now. Almost set of a gag reflex in my throat it was so bad. I'd pay someone to take them away if putting them in the trash was illegal.
Carl in Ohio April 16, 2009
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Needs a little humidor time but worth the money!"
Good everyday smoke but the bundle I bought benefitted greatly by spending a week or so in my humidor.
Clell in Akron, Ohio April 9, 2009
Juan Y Ramon Churchill
Won a bundle at auction for $3 two weeks ago. You know the smell of fresh cut grass, well that's what these taste like. I'll let them rest in the humidor for a few months although I don't really expect too much of an improvement, then I'll toss them. The Famous Dominican 1000 is a significantly better choice for a cheap smoke.
Carl in Ohio March 24, 2009
Juan Y Ramon Churchill
"Decent Churchill"
Not the finest Churchill I've had, but certainly not the worse. If one isn't expecting to be beatifically uplifted, this cigar is a pleasant smoking experience.
Michael in South Carolina February 13, 2009
Juan Y Ramon Corona
"Good for the price"
I bought a bunch of single cigars of various brand about 5 months ago. This was one of them. Pretty Mild. Wrapper application was a little weak. Starting to peel and unravel. Overall, pretty good for the price. They should definitely sit in a humidor for a while before smoking them. I gave it about 5 months. Wasn't quite long enough.
Mike in Ocean City February 9, 2009
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Not That Great"
I only thought I knew how bad a cigar could be. I purchased 3 bundles of the JyR Churchill Maduros at auction and I can only think of maybe giving them to the less fortunate who would otherwise have nothing. My opinion: Save your money for a better cigar.
jhs30 in Soutwest January 13, 2009
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Worth every penny"
I got these at auction cheap.I was so happy with them I bid on 3 bundles of the maduro even better.They also were worth the risk.seems they get better every weekend.But this is the litest maduro I have ever seen.
jim in marietta,oh December 13, 2008
Juan Y Ramon Rothschild
"Good and getting better"
I have 8 to 10 bundles of these both mad. and nat. in the collection.may smoke 2 a mo.They keep getting better .I think they are under rated .
jim in marietta,oh December 6, 2008
Juan Y Ramon Toro
"OK not great but not bad"
got these in your auction 3 diffrent sizes in mad. and nat.smoked 4 nats.2 mads. I liked them.they may be over looked.
jim in marietta,oh November 30, 2008
Juan Y Ramon Corona
"Give them a chance.let them rest"
Got these at auction.They are ok.I think after they sit and age they will make great everyday smoke.I have paid more for less.
jim in marietta,ohio November 13, 2008
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