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"not too shabby"
I am quite surprised, this cigar burns well and has decent smell and taste. This is not a premium cohiba or rocky Patel but for the price it is well worth it. . F.Y.I it has been in my humidor for about six months.
Caleb in Granby MO October 6, 2013
"Smooth and mild"
I'm no cigar expert, just an average guy who enjoys an occasional smoke. I ordered these to try something other than the White Owls from the drug store. I think they're great, smooth and mild. Very pleased.
Mark in Flossmoor May 10, 2013
"Worst cigar i have ever smoked."
Very disappointing. Not worth bothering with this lemon. Harsh, hard draw, not taste.
Louis in CT December 8, 2012
"Juan Y Ramon Rothschild"
A real gem flavorful and earthy a good smoke for a picnic or communing with nature.
Hunt in Ozark, Mo. May 7, 2012
"Avoid this one"
Fortunately, the draw is extremely poor, which means you don't have to deal much with the even poorer taste: foul at first, then bland, then foul again toward the end. Once again, hopes for a cheap gem are dashed.
Paul in Boston, MA June 1, 2009
"Needs a little humidor time but worth the money!"
Good everyday smoke but the bundle I bought benefitted greatly by spending a week or so in my humidor.
Clell in Akron, Ohio April 9, 2009
"Worth every penny"
I got these at auction cheap.I was so happy with them I bid on 3 bundles of the maduro even better.They also were worth the risk.seems they get better every weekend.But this is the litest maduro I have ever seen.
jim in marietta,oh December 13, 2008
"Enjoyed this one."
I received one of these in a sampler and I must say that I really enjoyed this cigar. It was mellow and very aromatic. The scent was sweet even as it sat burning in the ashtray. The taste was exceptional and consistent. The cigar had at least one minor flaw. It was a bit soft and spongy, but still an all-around pleasant smoke.
Rev. J in Connecticut April 3, 2008
"I would buy them again"
I was reluctant to buy these when I initially ordered them, and more than a little skeptical....Boy, was I wrong! The first thing I noticed was the uniquely colored, earthy-smelling Connecticut wrapper. Interesting. Then I lit it up...a dense sweet earthiness greets the palate, and mellows into charcoal with a little spiciness. The wrappers were dry when they arrived...I would definitely herf them several days. 1 inch ash, and burns a little hot past the midway point, but what do you want at this price?! This is a great cigar for guys who are on a budget, value hounds, and even those looking to fill out their regular rotation. These pack lots of flavor, and their dirt cheap! Joker gives this deal the thumbs up!
Joker in Ohio May 3, 2006
Not good, in fact horrible. Glad I paid less than $2 for this one. Taste (like a farm animals waste), construction, burn and finish all were sub par. A friend warned me about this brand. Next time I'll listen.
Smokensparks in Sparks, NV February 25, 2006
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10 Construction (69) 100
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