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"Great Smoke for the Price!"
Best cigar ever??? No...but what do you want or expect at a dollar a stick in the bundle?! With that said... I LOVE this cigar! For the price I paid it is very good and I would recommend it. Burns good...tastes good....only complaint is that the wrapper seemed a little dry upon receiving it....but what can you really complain about at THIS price??? lol
Nick in Howell, MI October 9, 2014
"Sub-par cigar"
As someone new to cigars, I got the 20 under 20 sampler to expand my tastes. The first cigar out of the bunch that I smoked was the Juan Y Ramon I believe the Maduro . Right off the bat, I must note that I didn t cut the cigar correctly, and so this led to a wobbly draw. I m also still learning how to properly light a cigar, so while this effected the burn, I don t think it effected the taste necessarily. I have 1 more Maduro, and a couple of naturals, so I ll try new things with these. When I got the cigar, it felt very firm to the squeeze. The ash held for a bit, about an inch and a half, maybe two, until finally falling to the ground. A more experienced smoker will know how to judge this, but I didn t take huge note of it though I did take note . The biggest draw back to this cigar, though, is the taste and consistency. When I first began smoking it, I noted a straight wood taste. It didn t even taste like there was any spice added. There was possibly a small amount of pepper, but I equated it with putting a tree in your mouth. Not only this, but the aftertaste tasted like nothing but plastic. As I got a little before the band, the taste morphed into the stale plastic that I had been tasting for a while previously. I wasn t even willing to get farther than the band as it was such a bad taste. I just put it out and hoped the others and other samplers I had purchased would prove better. If you are desperate for a smoke, these would be ok, but do avoid these any chance you get. If you re a beginner, like myself, I would actually say get one of these to know what a bad cigar tastes like.
Christian in USA September 24, 2014
"Decent for the Price"
A decent cigar for the price. I bought a few and used them to share at a party so I wouldn't have to bust out any Gurkha or Cohiba cigars. Smokes fast, mild smoke, but gives you big quick draws.
Marcel Hillier in Michigan June 25, 2013
"JUNK (Dried up)"
Save your money! Dried up and light. Left it in humidor for 3 weeks but it didnt help at all. Only lasted about 30 min. I like a good deal as much as anyone but this is NOT it!
Curt in Ofallon, MO June 21, 2009
"Not That Great"
I only thought I knew how bad a cigar could be. I purchased 3 bundles of the JyR Churchill Maduros at auction and I can only think of maybe giving them to the less fortunate who would otherwise have nothing. My opinion: Save your money for a better cigar.
jhs30 in Soutwest January 13, 2009
"Good and getting better"
I have 8 to 10 bundles of these both mad. and nat. in the collection.may smoke 2 a mo.They keep getting better .I think they are under rated .
jim in marietta,oh December 6, 2008
"easy burn and a lot of great flavor."
Juan y. Ramon a maker of some of the finest cigars.
barry in westchester April 23, 2008
LEONARDKL in NY September 13, 2007
Much better than Roly and closer to Puros Indios. Nothing exotic... nothing bad...good smoke for the money that has no major hangups. It does need to be 80% humidity for 3 weeks before they can be smoked.
compay in October 20, 2005
"maduro rolled tight"
Tried to smoke this stick upon arrival. dry,harsh,poor burn. Rolled too tight! Not sure if time in the box will help. I'm shaken the bush, Boss. I'm shaken the bush.
Bob in Portland October 6, 2001
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