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Kentucky Fire Cured Reviews

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Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly
"Good Smoke"
A good smoke when you can get them for a good deal. Very strong oak and hickory smoke. Not a typical flavor for a cigar. But a welcome change if you can get one. Well-constructed and good burn.
FDChief9 in Georgia January 20, 2015
Kentucky Fire Cured Kyotos
"Neat stick!"
This cigar exudes old-timey southern charm. An intense smokey scent is present before lighting. The wrapper leaf is thick and sturdy. I found that the draw was pleasant, which is sometimes not the case with thin-gauge sticks like this. The cigar s taste was DIFFERENT. It was tasty. There were no off-flavors of varnish, ashy smoke or tar. In fact, the cigar didn't have any unpleasant flavor until the very end last 1/6th Burn line: sharp, no re-lights Ash: medium gray, firm Time: About 1/2 hour
Jim B in Galloway, NJ January 10, 2015
Kentucky Fire Cured Just A Friend
"Good Cigar"
Taste is very good smooth burns slow nice for what you pay for.
Pat in South West December 17, 2014
Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly
"Perfect Balance!!"
The cold draw tastes like the smell of copenhagen and is easy and so is lighting and tons of smoke and a sweet smokey aroma is really good with interesting flavors that are sometimes intense. an enjoyable cigar. I pass over my lp9's for the kfc's and nica rustica's!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Figurado in St. Petersburg FL November 30, 2014
Kentucky Fire Cured Kyotos
"Wonderful Small Cigar Full of Interesting Favors."
This is an awesome quality cigar with interesting blends of earthy smoky flavors. Well constructed, burns and draws nicely. A new favorite of mine.
Chuck in Indiana November 23, 2014
Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly
I've been looking at these cigars for a little while and I picked up a couple. Upon removing the cigar from the cellophane, I noted a heavy smokey odor to it. It was a heavy mesquite smoke combined with maple syrup flavoring; at this point I did like the cigar. I lit the cigar and was not impressed at all; it was actually gross. Hickory smoke and maple syrup belongs on breakfast food, NOT cigars. This was a rather harsh cigar that burned my mouth and throat. It left a terrible after taste. I ended up throwing the other one in the trash.
Louis in C October 13, 2014
Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly
"I Thought I was Dreaming"
Fat Molly had A GREAT Draw. The taste was outstanding. It burned evenly and it touched taste buds that I didn't know I had. Max of Texas.
J MAX in Greenville, TX October 13, 2014
Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky
"Great little cigar!"
Just tried my first one. GREAT! Don t expect complexity here, but the profile is interestingly different. Love these. For an inexpensive fairly quick smoke this is my new go-to. Great burn and draw. No dead spots. Good amount of smoke. I like the smell lit or unlit. Sort of subtle smokiness dry, which barely transmits when lit. Only a snob would knock these as an everyday cigar! Will probably have a second one this aft!
WB in Canada October 4, 2014
Kentucky Fire Cured Just A Friend
"My New Favorite"
This is one FANTASTIC cigar. I hope they will offer it at full box pricing soon. A must try!!
Tim in Ohio September 30, 2014
Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky
"Smells Like Horse, but Tastes Divine!"
A very nice little unique cigar. It smells a bit like a horse barn before being torched, but the smoke is complex and satisfying. Drew Estate delivers again.
Michael in Iowa September 23, 2014
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