Key Ring Punch Cutter: Grey

$3.99Retail Price: $ 6.00

$3.99Retail Price: $ 6.00
Sale Price
$2.95Retail Price: $ 6.00
Sale Ends 09/09/14!

$3.99Retail Price: $ 6.00
Sale Price
$2.95Retail Price: $ 6.00
Sale Ends 09/02/14!
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Cigar cutters come in all shapes, materials, colors and prices and if price is what moves you, you'll like this handy punch style cigar cutter that's great for wide ring cigars. Features lightweight, weatherproof plastic housing, stainless steel blade, plug ejector and a key ring.
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"Great ! "
I love this little gizmo, it does a very good and clean job for a punch cutter, ... more
Ardy in Pasadena, CA
"Lasts 'til you lose it "
This worked great. Unfortunately, the safety cover is the part with the keyring ... more
"handy tool for the cigar smoker on the go "
i bought one almost 2 years ago and I use it all the time and I keep it on my ke... more
Z in Ca
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