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Kristoff Ligero Maduro Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Depraved and Corrupting"
I am fortunate enough to be able to buy all the Cubans I want at exceptional prices. Nevertheless, this scruffy little beast is my new No 1. This is the most depraved and corrupting cigar I have ever tasted - others have described the individual flavors well enough so suffice to say it feels like a Roman orgy taking place on my palate. Kristoff have redefined the cigar-maker s art.
MacBryan in Malaysia December 16, 2013
"This is a must try cigar"
From the get-go this is one of the finest cigars I have ever enjoyed. Smooth layers of subdued flavors that will have you burning your fingers as you enjoy this delightful cigar to the nub!
Jima in Columbia River Gorge November 9, 2013
I got this cigar in a free sampler from a coupon. WOW, after I finished I was very pleased. Ordered 2 boxes and have been happy with every stick. It's a very good cigar if you like medium to full body smokes. I think I have my new favorite!!
Jeremiah in Oklahoma City September 3, 2013
"Hats off to Kristoff!"
From the moment I opened the box to the last puff i took of this cigar,it was pure enjoyment.It looks like it was just rolled in a tobacco barn and smelled like the barn itself.i never had to fix the burn and the ash went on for over half the cigar.when i started smoking cigars ten years ago this is what i imagined a good tasting cigar should taste like!By the time you finish smoking this beauty not only will it keep you wanting more,it does not leave a harsh or bad taste in your mouth and women will actually enjoy the aroma. If i have to be critical about one thing it is that on a couple of the cigars in the entire box ,the draw is a little too hard.
Hassan in michigan July 12, 2013
I'm a full flavor freak..been smoking a lot of Uzis and La Bombas lately. Seen a 5 pack of these for an awesome price on THE MONSTER..just received them today and had to fire this lil' gem up..it smelled great right out of the wrapper..nice barnyard and the look is killer! It's not spicy just a good tasting and smelling gar..burns even..nice draw and tight ash..going to get a box..highly recommend.Thanks Famous!!
Chris in Fishers IN May 23, 2013
"Elite Cigar"
Bought a five pack of these on the monster and let them rest for a month. This cigar started out similar to a vsg and then just took off. Deep rich flavors of cocoa with a subtle sweetness and lots of smoke I'm in shock with how good this cigar ranked for me having smoke some very $$ gars recently - an ultra elite in my book.
DB2 in PA March 5, 2012
"Great Aroma & Taste!"
I've probably smoked around 1,000 cigars so far in my journey and this cigar had the most fruity/lovely aroma that I've ever smelled. Very tasty but I would like to try this in a smaller RG but for what it is its a great cigar.
Josh in Indiana November 24, 2010
"This cigar blew me away, rich and full of flavor"
this is a wonderful ligero maduro cigar from start to finish. I havnt smoked a cigar with this much flavor in a long time. Hints of cocoa and earthiness. Total premium cigar that I would recommend to anyone looking for a great flavorfull smoke
mitchell in nj May 16, 2010
"Totally Enjoyable"
Wonderful smoke recommended by the guy at the Easton PA shop. Even burning, great middle, powerful end. Would definitely recommend a try to anyone liking a medium to medium full maduro.
Ken in Easton PA September 25, 2009
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