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Kristoff Maduro Reviews

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Kristoff Maduro Matador
I love this cigar - I think it smoke like a lite full body I wouldn't rate it medium - but it has a rich flavor and burns evenly. I love it.
Scott in Michigan February 25, 2011
Kristoff Maduro Matador
"Very Tasty"
This is a excellent medium Maduro. This is a very smooth and flavorful cigar. Try a box and you will not be disappointed.
Tommy S in Fort Smith, Ar February 2, 2011
Kristoff Maduro Robusto
Quite simply the best non-cuban cigar on the planet! Medium bodied and smooth, but so much flavor! This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a review. I cannot recommend this cigar enough!
Mike in OKC November 19, 2010
Kristoff Maduro Matador
"Like smoking cow dung"
This cigar stinks- probably the worst cigar i've ever had bar none !!! Very bad taste, little or no aroma, each puff on this cigar was distgusting. I'LL STICK WITH MY CUBAN CIGARS. Dont know what everyone else is smoking. Once you've smoked a Cuban, you know what a real cigar should taste like. POOOOOR AMERICANS HA HA HA....
Aficionado in Autralia November 18, 2010
Kristoff Maduro Matador
"My Favorite"
This is a gotta! You're missing out if you don't at least give these a try. Smooth and creamy yet full bodied from beginning to end. Great burn and excellent draw!
S Seidel in Baltimore October 28, 2010
Kristoff Maduro Matador
"Outstanding Smoke!"
This is truely a sensational cigar. Coming out of great packaging idea with fawless appearance. Very smooth chreamy start, perfect draw, razor sharp burn. I would highly recommend trying those out - an outstanding maduro.
Zolt in Ohio October 7, 2010
Kristoff Maduro Robusto
"If only my 401K was as good as this cigar...."
A flavorFUL Maduro with an amazing taste profile: Notes of dark chocolate and earth with a corn tortilla finish. Later.. Black fruit chimes in as if I was drinking a glass of Merlot. I have never had a Maduro with this much complexity. Rich in flavor; medium to full strength. I dig this cigar! The taste AND design. 1)pig tail top- easy cut @ the twisty tail, allowing just the right amount of smoke thru. 2)Shaggy foot- easy lighting-saves on butane. 3) Luv the 5.5 robusto size. Only negative- had to re-light a couple of times( but hey, Its a dark oily leaf Maduro) I WANT BOX'S...........
Pete in Louisville KY September 12, 2010
Kristoff Maduro Matador
"Great cigar. Worth every dime!"
I was looking for a cigar with more substance and a great finish. This is absolutely the cigar.
Muzic in Memphis, TN September 2, 2010
Kristoff Maduro Matador
"One of my best cigars"
Just a great cigar, it should be some in everyones humidor.....
Tyson in Fall River, Ma. August 25, 2010
Kristoff Maduro Robusto
"Great cigar - nice balance, excellent construction"
A little bit of the wrapper fell off this cigar - it seemed rather delicate, even for a wrapper leaf. That small issue aside, a really nicely blended and balanced cigar. Not the most exciting one I've smoked, but very, very pleasant.
Simon in UK August 9, 2010
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