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Kristoff Maduro Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Great cigar - nice balance, excellent construction"
A little bit of the wrapper fell off this cigar - it seemed rather delicate, even for a wrapper leaf. That small issue aside, a really nicely blended and balanced cigar. Not the most exciting one I've smoked, but very, very pleasant.
Simon in UK August 9, 2010
"My new favorite!"
Outstanding cigar! Lot's of flavor and not too strong. I'd call it medium bodied. Very smooth with absolutely no harshness or bitter bite. The maduro has a nice oily wrapper and nice construction. This is now my favorite cigar and I will definately buy a box.
Gregg in New England November 12, 2009
"Magnificent Smoke"
Great gods! Where has this smoke been hiding? Went to an event at my local stick shop and was given one to try. Needless to say, now I am looking into a box of these beauties. I like the fact that I don't "need" a cutter with the button style cap, just give it a twist and light er up. Lights easy with it's raw foot and stay lit really well. The ash hangs on for dear life... (I thought I might need a chainsaw...) Notes of nutmeg or cinnamon, mild licorice, and leather, LOTS of leather. Did I mention Leather? Wonderfully woody and spicy nose with a sweet finish and not a bit of bite. My wife even cadged a few puffs stating afterward that this was one of the very few cigars I "might" get away with smoking in the house. A VERY STRONG Buy recommendation
Make Fisher in Brunswick, NY July 4, 2009
"5.5 x 54 dudes..."
Nice smoke, but this a 5.5 x 54 size, dudes & dudettes.
RY in Birmingham, AL April 9, 2009
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