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Kristoff Sumatra Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Rookie Smoker, just in my first year"
I picked up this cigar along with a whole host of other Kristoff's and chose this one to smoke first. It started off a little rough in the draw was very firm and little smoke on the palate. But after the first 1/2 inch, she opened up with copious volumes of smoke with that rich Sumatra flavor, oh boy! I had to touch up twice, once at the beginning inch and once at the last inch. No veins I could see. I paired this with a Hoegaarden Wheat and later sweetened tea. If you can stand the strength and fullness of the torpedo, this cigar deserved a shot. Might not make a regular in the humidor, but once a year is definitely an option.
4WheelSmoker in Ohio July 21, 2010
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