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La Aroma De Cuba Reviews

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La Aroma De Cuba Rothschild
"Great flavor"
Great aroma, loved the taste in my mouth, medium to light body. Can t wait to smoke another one
Anna in Colorado February 21, 2015
La Aroma De Cuba El Jefe
"Top Cigar"
Great taste. Best cigar I have ever had.
Jeff M. December 16, 2014
La Aroma De Cuba Robusto
It s like smoking a chocolate candy bar. First half is full of nutty cocoa, with caramel, and a touch of spice, the last half blends into a woody, earthy finale. Construction and draw was flawless.
Tim in Florida March 31, 2014
La Aroma De Cuba Marquis
A co worker gave me as a gift, I'm hooked. It burn and pull was great, the taste the best. I m searching online and every outlet is sold out of Marquis, says a lot but sad on my end. Searching on, I highly recommend this awesome cigar, rich full flavor I can go on, but, have to continue my search
Fuquan in NJ January 13, 2014
La Aroma De Cuba Robusto
I bought a few from my local B%26M and loved them. I decided to order a box. I'm very sorry I did. The burn has been terrible. They are very hard keep lit and burn unevenly. The construction is poor. It seems like the filler is rolled very loosely.
Randy in KS October 6, 2013
La Aroma De Cuba Corona
"Good Old-School Puro"
No curve-balls here, just an honest-to-goodness old-school-style medium strength cigar. Not as decadently creamy as some and not as aggressively spicy as others but very well-balanced and consistent. I think this is a good benchmark for an excellent right-down-the-plate cigar with sufficient development and complexity and increasing sweetness as you get closer to the nub. Aged for at least two years and did not have any burn issues whatsoever (maybe that has something to do with it?). The draw was tighter than ideal, although it still did the job without undue effort. Uniform burn all the way down that required only one relight about 3/4 into it. More please!
Randy in KS October 6, 2013 September 22, 2013
La Aroma De Cuba Corona
"Good Cigar"
Appearance and construction was good, however, it canoed and burned fast. It generated a good amount of smoke, good pepper taste and strong Will try again.
Henry in Victorville,CA September 5, 2013
La Aroma De Cuba Robusto
I just finish my very first La Aroma De Cuba Robusto. I truly did not want it to end...It was a super smoke in every way. Now I REALLY want to go to Cuba...But until then this will be one of my favorite smokes..Order the 5 pack and next order will be for a box.
Herb in Dana Point Ca. August 4, 2013
La Aroma De Cuba El Jefe
"great smoke"
I Like this cigar am replacing my excalibur . # 1 with this smoke
John W in Sedona, Az July 27, 2013
La Aroma De Cuba Rothschild
"One of my return favorites, very good."
I get or two of these often. The taste is superb, room note even better. The first I smoked burned wonky but all the others have been fine, I'll go ahead and attribute it to user error. The draw is 100%, absolutely perfect. The taste is consistent, not many changes. It gives off a slight nuttiness and mainly a wood, kinda like a pinewood fire smells. Slight cocoa briefly during the first light. My only complaint is that for an already small smoke I usually won't take it to the nub, it gets too hot. If you haven't tried one of these pick a few up, they make a great cheaper option to the more heftily priced La Auroma's.
Brad in Houston, Texas April 8, 2013
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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