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La Aroma De Cuba Reviews

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La Aroma De Cuba Corona
"Great Taste - but canoes"
Great taste; it's spicy like the cubans. The closest to a cuban cigar ever. The burn is bad, canoes or burns on one side. Burns out easy, but a great flavor cigar like this one, you just can't stop dragging it.
Wei H. in New York May 2, 2008
La Aroma De Cuba Churchill
bruceweddle in whittiercalif February 11, 2008
La Aroma De Cuba Pyramid
"Uneven Burn for such a highly rated stick"
I had bought a box of Monarchs when these smokes were first released. A great all around smoke. Nice burn and excellent taste. I have since purchased a box of rubostos, pyramids, and double coronas. Every cigar I have smoked from these boxes has tunneled, burned uneven, and had to be relit multiple, multiple, times. Ashton and Bob Levin should be ashamed to sell thes substandard cigars at such an exhorbidant price. There are a lot nicer cigars out there. Life is to short to smoke crappy cigars.
Rick D. in Maple Shade NJ March 28, 2007
La Aroma De Cuba Monarch
"beatifull to look at-but"
One of the most beatifull wrappers and perfectly constructed cigars ever-but-the great flavor that's in there seems to be hidden in a pepper shaker.I keep smokin'em,though--
Frank in Ct March 5, 2007
La Aroma De Cuba Churchill
"Fantastic cigar at such a great price!!"
I had read a good review in Cigar Affic. and noticed the low price on this Churchill. I have smoked two of these from seperate boxes and have had a great experience both times. Beautiful oily dark natural wrapper feels like velvet in the hand. Perfect draw with just the right amount of cool smoke. This one smoked for close to 1.5 hours and could have gone longer. You can't beat the price, at under $5 for a well made churchill that smokes like a $10 cigar.
Eric D. in Maryland September 19, 2006
La Aroma De Cuba Churchill
Any cigar whose name has a major flaw in grammar has to be a loser. "El" Aroma de Cuba.
R. Isaias in FL September 4, 2006
La Aroma De Cuba Cetro
"Excellent, the aroma really is Cuban!"
Made by Fuente for Ashton, using the name of one of Winston Churchill's favorite cigars. It has a dark brown, oily, shiny but thick wrapper with a nice aroma. The clip and light are both even and good and the start-up aroma is wonderful! It really is the nicest part of a Cuban experience, without the harshness or strength. Unfortunately, the cigar is too long and the aroma is overwhelmed by the other flavors as the cigar progresses. It is strong at the finish, slightly spicey, but not as enticing. However, it is still very good and one of the best medium cigars. There's some canoeing, but with the cetro at 44, it's self correcting.
Overworked01 in CA June 21, 2006
La Aroma De Cuba Monarch
"Fabulous cigar in the perfect size!"
Exquisite in every way. Wonderful pre-lit scent, perfectly constructed, perfectly balanced spicy and earthy flavors, and one of the most luscious, tasty wrappers I have ever had, all put together in a size that I find perfect for me. Perhaps the single best cigar for the money on the planet... :-)-''''
Matthew Gardiner in SC April 18, 2006
La Aroma De Cuba Double Corona
"One of my favorites."
This fine cigar has become one of my favorites. It occupies equal space in my humidor with my other favorites in this size, namely Punch Chateau L and Juan Lopez Titanias.
Ken Sharkey in Syracuse, NY February 26, 2006
La Aroma De Cuba Corona
"Good Cigar"
This was a pretty good cigar, which I didn't really expect. I tend to like spicy cigars, but I find most to be overbearing, but this cigar was not the case. It had a full spicy sweet flavor, but mild strength. I recommend it for cigar smokers who like some spice and sweetness, but no bite and harshness.
Jamel in New York City January 7, 2006
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