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"The best smoke ive had in a while"
This was one of the most pleasant impulse cigar purchases i've made in a very long time. I visit countless smoke shops as often as i possibly can and i try to purchase a new stick at least once a month. Today i took a shot at the La Aurora 107 Belicoso. I've seen the box sitting at my local cigar shop for some time but have only recently decided to give it a shot. It was wedged inbetween Ashtons and Fuentes and i never gave it much of a thought becuse i care for neither of the other brands that dominate that specific humidor. Fortunatly cureosity got the better of me an i relented. The cigar was firm and had a good weight to it. The wrapper was very even in color and was not overly veiny or oily. Upon observing the foot i noticed it was nicely packed and had almost no gapping between filler. The preligtht draw was very earthy and had a slight spice with an underligning sweetness and some ever-so-slight hay undertones.The draw was impressivly open. The foot to to the flame well and was very quick to light.The burn was quite even with only minimal touchups needed due to fan and air circulation. The flavor of the first third can only be described as toasty. The was a very creamy flavor which was pleasing to the palate. Slight nutty notes on the tip of the tongue. THe second third started out as a roasted flavor with just a slight spice. about 1/8 of an inch further in i noticed a dominant pepper to the back of the throat and a toch of sweetness mixed within the spice. The final third saw the spice back off and the creamy sensation re-emerge. The spice was still there but took a back seat to the richness of the smoke. the ash was remarkably consistant and light gray in color. it held for about an inch and a half before falling off. even after it fell it was tight and uniform with no splits or flaking. The smoke was plentiful and thick. Overall this was a fantastic stick and i will be putting them into rotation in my humador perminantly.
Robert Bare in Youngstown Ohio February 11, 2011
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