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La Aurora 107 Reviews

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La Aurora 107 Toro
"How could it be?"
I picked up two at my local lounge because they were on the BOGO table. I passed them up many times not knowing anything about the La Aurora brand. The BOGO table is a new feature at our lounge they installed it to move out product that does not sell. After smoking my first 107 I went back to buy more at half price. What a find! How could it be? These cigars do not sell? Thank goodness for the BOGO table otherwise I would have missed this great smoke! I m not going to try and walk you through every inch of the smoke experience. I am not a pretentious aficionado or a wannabe-nado I m an artist and a guy who likes a great smoke at a great price. So here goes my first reveiw of anything online. I pulled the 107 from the humidor it looked beautiful. The cigar s wrapper had the look of leather, lightly oiled, and varied in color like my favorite chair. I cut it clean, toasted the foot, fired it up, and began a relaxing 1.25 hr. burn, with tastes of tobbacco, slight pepper, honey, hay, caramel, light cocao. The smoke s sweetness intensified with time. The draw was perfect. The burn almost perfect. The ash was tight and over two inches at one point. The smoke was abundant and made nice rings. That,s it... I loved this cigar. Hope they have more on the BOGO table.
An anonymous smoker August 31, 2014
La Aurora 107 Robusto
"not good"
For a cigar to celebrate 107 years this is a BIG disappointment. Not a good favor at any draw. In fact NO flavor just smoke. I would never suggest anyone smoke this series.
An anonymous smoker August 31, 2014 June 1, 2014
La Aurora 107 Robusto
"A Definite Again Again"
I am a Habano wrapper fan and this stick taste real fine. It was rich, complex and very enjoyable. I want a do over, a rematch, another etc....
Mr. Blues in Central MN April 3, 2014
La Aurora 107 Robusto
"My favorite evening cigar"
A great tasting, consistent little smoke. I like this cigar better than its more expensive La Aurora cousins; one of the best values out there.
Bruce D in Boston May 21, 2013
La Aurora 107 Robusto
"Best cigar i have had"
Oily wrapper, excellent warm draw, grat construction, and the taste is medium but complex. The only issue I have is the ring wrappernis hard to remove... Cause I want to save it!
Circadian in Los Angeles March 4, 2013
La Aurora 107 Robusto
"Best cigar I've smoked in a long time."
This cigar is great. Description says mild, but it's a full flavor smoke. Great even burn, long solid ash. nice creamy smoke. Good taste of nutmeg, cinnamon and caramel. Not harsh, just good even flavor. Another winner from Aurora. Can't wait to buy a box.
Bobby in MI December 9, 2012
La Aurora 107 Lancero
"107 Lancero excels"
The best of the 107 line
Stan in Salem OR December 1, 2012
La Aurora 107 Robusto
"Roach clip needed"
I'm smoking one of these right now and can't put it down. It just keeping getting better the further down it goes. This isn't a pretty-boy smoke, it's a kick back on the porch and pet the dog cigar.
nolen in Nashville, TN September 4, 2012
La Aurora 107 Corona
"Best corona on the market."
Very satisfying little cigar, a lot of smoke with a clean finish. This is my go to smoke. A box worthy cigar
Keith in Arlington, TN September 1, 2012
La Aurora 107 Corona
"Very Tasty!"
I really enjoy this cigar -- I often go for a bolder smoke, but I love the flavor profile of this stick. The burn is great, the construction is good. You'll find plenty in my humidor.
AndrewNYC in New York City July 31, 2012
Amilcar Perez Castro